Lots of Question Marks in the East? NBA Playoffs Odds at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

NBA playoffs odds betting line setters never have an easy go of it but the Eastern Conference is make things especially difficult on them this year.

Indeed, the NBA playoffs odds makers have to earn their paychecks as the difficult to pick out a top team in the East. Between the Cavs, Celtics and Magic it’s hard to pick a clear cut NBA playoffs odds favorite.

NBA playoffs betting thrives on uncertainty and the 2009 NBA playoffs betting will no doubt thrive. The Cavs have been dominant down the stretch and have closed out the few months of the season prior to the NBA playoffs betting very well. At the midway point the race for the best record in the East seemed up for grabs, but as the NBA playoffs betting are set to begin there is little mystery left for NBA playoffs odds fans.

But a record by itself hardly guarantees a run through the NBA playoffs betting and if any team knows this it’s the NBA playoffs odds regular season champ Cavs. The Cavs have home court advantage throughout the NBA playoffs odds season and played very well at home losing just one game –far better than any of the other NBA playoffs odds contenders. But that’s only half of the story. The Cavs have been abysmal against the other two top teams in the East and many pundits have kept this in mind as the NBA playoffs betting draws near.

The Cavs most recent reminder of how helpless they’ve been was a recent 30-point blowout at the hands of the Magic. Orlando has been a bit of a sleeper all year long but as they’ve locked up the three seed in NBA playoffs betting they’re not likely to be ignored by the NBA playoffs odds makers.

And even though the Boston Celtics aren’t quite in their best form at the moment with KG on the bench with injuries, the fact is that they are the defending NBA playoffs betting champs and anyone looking to take the NBA playoffs betting title this year will have to go through them.

The sad thing for NBA playoffs betting fans is that there is a precipitous drop in terms of talent between these top three teams and the rest of the NBA playoffs field in the East. The only team that has a chance of making things interesting in the Eastern Conference NBA playoffs betting is the Miami Heat. And that team will only go as far as Dwyane Wade can take them.
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