Looking at SBG Basketball Lines

November 30th, 2010 NBA Basketball

Many experts that look at SBG basketball lines believe that college basketball betting lines offer some of the best values in all of sports gambling.

The reason for this belief is the sheer volume of teams and games in college basketball. There are well over 200 teams regularly on the college basketball betting board and dozens of games most days during the season. While this can mean opportunity and the potential for hidden gems it can also mean catastrophe for the gambler that doesn’t know how to handle all of the SBG basketball lines. With that in mind there are some simple pointers that a gambler can use in order to avoid trouble and be on the correct path to profit when looking at basketball lines.

First and foremost, understand going in that you simply cannot handicap every team and all of the SBG basketball lines. It’s impossible to do it right. There are simply too many teams and basketball lines and not enough time to do a thorough job. Just as important, those who are foolish enough to try end up with such a brain overload that they lose the ability to be decisive and to think with clarity. Less is more when taking a look at the college basketball lines and you are better off focusing on just a select few games and teams. Gamblers that wager on too many basketball lines end up in serious trouble in a short amount of time.

The luxury of college basketball gambling, for those who can see it, is that with so many games and basketball lines comes the ability for a gambler to be extremely selective and choosy There is no reason to be betting a large amount of basketball lines. Further, just as in the case of poker, the less games/hands you play, the better you will do long term as you will be sticking with only the best and highest percentage plays when looking at basketball lines. There are very few gamblers that can play a ton of basketball betting lines and make a profit.

Another important trait to develop when looking at basketball betting lines is to think for yourself. Independent thought will serve you far better than following the crowd because ninety-percent of them will lose more money than they make versus the basketball lines during the college basketball gambling season.
Finally, avoid always making bets on popular home favorites such as Duke, North Carolina, Kansas, Kentucky, UCLA and other programs of that pedigree, as that is what the masses are prone to do, which makes such wagers overlays on the basketball betting lines.

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