Looking at NBA All Star Game Odds at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

NBA All Star game odds for the 2008 NBA All Star game are available a few days before the game on Sunday, February 17th.

Those NBA All Star game odds will have the Western Conference favored with a total in the mid to upper 250’s. NBA All Star game odds are looked at by the public and just glanced at by professional gamblers.  The reason that professional gamblers don’t like betting the game is that it is not much more than an exhibition.  The teams play little to no defense and intensity is low.  Teams just look to make highlight plays and score.  That makes handicapping the NBA All Star game odds not much more than a crapshoot.

NBA All Star game odds in recent years have seen the West favored with totals in the 250’s.  That should be the case again this season.  The East may have gotten a little respect but with Kevin Garnett now out of the game, the West will be the clear choice in NBA All Star game odds.  When people look at the NBA All Star game odds the first thing they notice is the high total.  A regular NBA game has a total of about 200.  NBA All Star game odds show the total in the 250’s.  We said earlier that defense is rarely played in the NBA All Star game and that is why the total is much higher.  That is also the only way the public is going to bet.  They will take the over in NBA All Star game odds.  If the professional gamblers do anything in the game they will go the other way and take it under.

The NBA All Star game matches up the best players in the world but it is still just a fun scrimmage for most of them.  Most gamblers don’t like to risk much money on an exhibition so the money wagered on NBA All Star game odds usually comes from the public and most of that action is small. As you consider NBA All Star game odds don’t forget about the Rookie Challenge on Friday and the Three Point Shootout and Slam Dunk contest on Saturday.  Those are interesting contests that provide good NBA All Star game alternatives.

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