Irrelevant Knowledge vs. the Basketball Betting Line at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

Basketball betting line knowledge can be divided up many different ways.

There are countless “hoop heads” that love to gamble against the college and NBA basketball betting line and yet these geeks are bona fide losers versus the basketball betting line.  Why is that?

Basketball betting line knowledge is more than knowing the individual sport.  The lesson that the geeks never have seemed to learn is that basketball betting line gambling is just that; gambling. It is not about having the expertise on basketball that would win a fantasy league championship.
The great basketball betting line weakness of the geek is that they think in patterns and ways that are far too obvious, as well as easy for the oddsmakers to exploit. To put it another way, the geeks are an easy read in terms of the college and NBA basketball betting line. And since they are so easy to read versus the NBA basketball betting line, and since their wagers are so obvious to figure out, even before they bet, the value of what they end up doing is non-existent on the basketball betting line.

Sure, the basketball junkies know who is injured, who has the matchup edges, which teams are motivated, which teams have quit on their coaches, and who is hot and who is not. But none of that actually carries any weight or significance against the basketball betting line. In fact, relying on such knowledge can actually be counter-productive as the oddsmakers will lay in wait with higher prices on the basketball betting line.

Let’s face it; if you are running a business and have a product that the overwhelming majority of the masses want, you are going to raise the prices to meet that consumer demand. Or, to put it another way, you are going to charge what the market will bear and that applies to the college and NBA basketball betting line.

If the masses all want action on the same team, the sportsbooks aren’t just going to roll over and give it to them on the basketball betting line. They will charge an inflated price until there is action that begins to flow the other way versus the basketball betting line.   Knowledge is only powerful if it is the right type of knowledge in terms of the basketball betting line.

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