MLS Preview for Whitecaps at Galaxy

January 14th, 2020 Football Soccer

As the Major League Soccer Season is underway the soccer fans are thirsty for some previews from the MLS so here is a preview of the upcoming MLX game # 31 of Week 5 on the Saturday the 4th of April between the Whitecaps of Vancouver with the game being played at BC Place in Vancouver, British Columbia and the kick-off is scheduled for 10 PM ET and no early odds were available at this time.

The Whitecaps of Vancouver had had a hot streak lately and have managed to win 3 consecutive matches after they lost their opening MLS game of this 2015 season. On the other side the Galaxy of Los Angeles have nothing in the win column and their latest loss came against the United of D.C. this past 28th of Mar. on Saturday. The stringing question, is can the Galaxy get in the win column in by upsetting the Whitecaps?

What’s on the line in this game is the top spot in the Western Conference, which is what the Vancouver team will be shooting for with a win over the Galaxy, while Los Angeles wants to get a number in their win column.

For the Whitecap fans they had to be excited when Earnshaw scored a goal to give the Whitecaps a win over Portland on the Saturday night past, and that allowed Vancouver to move into 2nd place in their Conference of the West. In all the games between the Whitecaps and the Galaxy which is 12 the Vancouver team has only won 1 game and that took place back in May of 2013 at home at the BC Place. This season thus far the Vancouver team has matched a previous record for their club with 3 straight wins, with the last win being their 2-1 wins over the Timbers of Portland and that has happened in their last 3 regular seasons.

In addition to their great offensive performances this season, and their defense with goalkeeper Ousted have had some 2 scoreless games from their opponents, and Ousted in his last four games has only allowed 1 goal to the opponents.

If you’re a Galaxy fan at Bet on Soccer at SBG Global or other sportsbook sites your team has only played 4 games and they are presently without a win in their records this season. One reason being that their goalkeeper and two forwards have been away playing in international friendlies, and should they return they may witness travel fatigue.

All 3 of those players mention are keys to the Galaxy winning possibilities as they are responsible for 4 of the teams 6 goals that have been scored by the Galaxy this 2015 MLS season. Even as their offense has performed below their averages, they remain very strong in their defensive back with Central Gonzalez and they will be happy to see their starting goalkeeper back, as his backup Rowe has only managed to save 2 of the 5 shots and goal in his two matches as backup goalkeeper.

What’ amazing is that last season the Galaxy won beat Vancouver in all 6 of their scheduled games in Carson and the L.A. Galaxy going into this game having not lost in their last five games they had scheduled with the Whitecaps, and in reality they won four games and tied 1 with Vancouver.

This has turned out to be a very strange start to this 2015 season as the defending champs Galaxy are in trouble as since winning their season opener they are winless, and therefore the Media experts are predicting these two team will play to a tie on Saturday night.

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