Another chapter closed in Dancing with the Stars odds

Dancing with the Stars odds for season 9 has a winner, and to the surprise of many viewers it is Donny Osmond.

Dancing with the Stars odds stats saw Mya performing amazingly good, and seemed to be in her favor. But in the end, it was Osmond who was able to take the ball trophy home. And with this event, another season of this popular show of twists and turns comes to an end.

Dancing with the Stars odds saw many stars on the dance floor this season. The winner for this Dancing with the Stars betting season, Donny Osmond, is a former singer of the Osmond Family group. He has been through a lot all along, and states that winning this Dancing with the Stars betting competition has been one of the best highlights of his career.
The tango that Osmond and his partner Kym Johnson performed in week 9 of the Dancing with the Stars odds was considered to be “artistry in motion” They topped all scores of the performances that night. The couple truly impressed the judges, the public, the fans and the people betting on Dancing with the Stars odds at the show in the comfort of their own homes.
The final three celebrities that made it to the grand finale of Dancing with the Stars betting are Kelly Osbourne, who caused a great sensation going from tomboy to swan, Mya, and Donny Osmond. A combination of the scores given by the judges and the viewers left the scoreboard in a way where Donny came in first, then Mya and last Kelly. Ozzy and Sharon stood by their daughter every step of the way.
Dancing with the Stars odds shown in different sports betting sites stated that Mya was expected to win. She was highly favored in the Dancing with the Stars odds. Her background in dancing and music seemed to have given her an important advantage. The jive she and her partner Dmitry performed was out of the ordinary and flawless. Of course, anything can happen in the Dancing with the Stars betting world as we saw Osmond take it all. Mya was pretty shocked herself as she was very confident of the job done. She had a after the loss though, where of appreciation and happiness of being in the show and making it to the grand finale.

Kelly Osbourne how was the first of the three contestants to be eliminated. Nevertheless, she left a mark in the Dancing with the Stars Odds this ninth season. She took on the competition and made a point that she had something to prove. She was always seen as a tomboy and as the crazy daughter of rock icon Ozzy Osbourne. Fans were surprised to see how much effort she put into the competition and how she could really shake a leg. Last but not least, she showed off her natural beauty and pretty physique. Kelly, as we know it, is already a winner for all that she gave and all that she showed.