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Auto racing odds makers and fans surely contemplate this eternal question every now and again.

That question being: who is the greatest driver in the history of auto racing betting odds? It’s a very thought provoking question and one that elects many responses, although it’s nearly impossible for any auto racing odds fan to answer.

Auto racing odds have seen numerous talented drivers throughout the ages and to simply pick one as the best ever would a near impossible task. However, there are a handful of drivers that seem to pop up in auto racing odds discussion about the best driver ever. It seems that there are certain drivers that for various reasons stand out head and shoulders above the rest of the auto racing betting competition and command near universal acclaim for their auto racing odds achievements.

One thing that makes the decision process difficult is the fact that the various types of auto racing odds driving make it difficult to objectively compare one type of driver to another. For example, Juan Fangio and seven time F-1 driving champ Michael Schumacher are considered the best ever in open-wheeled auto racing history. But how would they fair in a stock car auto racing odds event? And for that matter does it matter, as many auto racing odds fans consider stock racing to be an inferior form of auto racing betting odds.

The converse to this auto racing discussion are drivers like Richard Petty and Dale Earnhadt who are considered the best in the history of auto racing odds betting on stock cars but have never attempted any open-wheeled auto racing odds action. As it’s impossible to compare the two separate auto racing entities it is therefore helpful to consider the top drivers that have had success at both open wheeled auto racing odds and stock car auto racing betting odds competition.

That is a short but telling list. Mario Andretti pops out as the one of the most versatile and successful driver in the history of auto odds. He has won the major races in NASCAR, F-1, Indy Car, Sprint and endurance racing. He’s came out on top in the auto racing odds at Sebring, LeMans, the Indy 500, the Daytona 500 and won auto racing odds drivers titles in F-1, Indy Car and Sprint car racing. If it had a steering wheel Andretti could drive it, and it would be difficult to argue against the notion that he is the greatest auto racing betting odds driver ever based on his versatility and success.