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December 2, 2010 WNBA Basketball

WNBA betting is not as popular as betting on other leagues, yet it is growing in popularity and each year more gamblers spend time handicapping WNBA odds.

WNBA betting consequently attracts many WNBA betting beginners who must learn the ins and outs of handicapping WNBA odds. Fortunately, WNBA betting is fairly simple and WNBA betting fans simply must make small tweaks to their general basketball betting strategies in order to adapt to the WNBA betting landscape.

WNBA betting is naturally very similar to NBA betting and NCAA basketball betting, both of which most WNBA betting beginners are already familiar with. There are some small variations in the rules utilized by the different leagues, but these distinctions are quite minor. Therefore, it is not too challenging to adapt one’s general basketball handicapping methods to handicap WNBA odds. WNBA betting enthusiasts must consider opposing offenses and defenses, the abilities of coaches and individual players, home court advantage, injuries, and all of the other principal factors that are generally looked at when handicapping basketball. To begin WNBA betting one simply must become more familiar with the league and its players, which generally just involves watching several games and reading about the league in the newspaper and online. Also, the WNBA only contains slightly more than a dozen teams, meaning WNBA betting beginners can familiarize themselves with all of the teams and players in a relatively short period of time.

Nevertheless, just like NBA and NCAA basketball are somewhat different, there are distinctions between these two leagues and the WNBA as well. Before you begin WNBA betting it is important that you are aware of these differences, as they will help guide your handicapping of the WNBA odds. For instance, the pace of WNBA games can be somewhat slower than that of the NBA, and the players are naturally less athletic, despite being very good in their own right. In other words, you will not see the speed and acrobatics that are sometimes witnessed in NBA match ups. Furthermore, the quality of defense typically seen in the WNBA can be lower in some games than what one may find in the NBA. Other important differences will become apparent too as you begin watching a variety of games and preparing for your WNBA betting.

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