UFC 118 Betting Lineup Loaded With Action

December 2nd, 2010 UFC

The UFC 118 odds lineup is full of top names and top fights and should be just what the doctor ordered for MMA fans.

In a calendar year full of great UFC fighting exhibitions it’s tough for any single even to stand out but the UFC 118 betting certainly do just that?

On August 28th, when the MMA spotlight falls on the TD Garden in Boston, MA you can be sure that the sporting world will take notice.  The Main event, a lightweight title fight between champ Frankie Edgar and BJ Penn, will be one of the most anticipated rematches in quite some time and well worth the price of pay-per-view.

Edgar pulled off one of the biggest MMA upsets in years defeating Penn by unanimous decision.  Anyone that has ever watched Penn fight knows that he’ll be driven like a maniac to try and re-gain his belt and this match could easily be the Fight of the Night during the UFC 118 odds competition.

But the action hardly stops there as the Main Card of the UFC 118 betting action is loaded with intriguing matchups.

The legendary Randy Couture will climb back into the Octagon to face James Toney, the former boxer, who will try his hand at MMA for the first time in the UFC 118 odds action.  This fight should be little more than a train wreck, but a terribly interesting train wreck.

At the age of 47 Couture would seem to have no business climbing into the ring and his skills are no doubt diminished.  But he’s won 4 of his past 6 fights against quality competition and he should have his way with the 41 year old Toney, who was a fine boxer but shouldn’t be much of an MMA opponent.

There is also another great lightweight fight on tap when Kenny Florian goes toe to toe with Gray Maynard, the only person in MMA to have defeated current lightweight champion, Edgar.  And you won’t want to miss the middleweight matchup between Demian Maia and Mario Miranda, a pair of exciting Brazilian fighters.

Two of the preliminary fights will once again return to cable and SpikeTV will show the fights just before the Main Card competition begins on pay-per-view.

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