UFC Fight Night 81 Betting Preview

November 19th, 2019 UFC

This Sunday the 17th of January 2016 we are pleased to preview matches of the UFC Fight Night 81 with the first match-up we preview being the UFC Bantam Weight Championship with T. Dillshaw facing D. Cruz and for those that Bet on UFC the opening odds on Dillshaw at -145 and D. Cruz at +115.

Cruz actually vacated his UFC Fight Night Bantamweight Title as a result of injures with 2 ACL and torn groin injuries. Then encountered another ACL injury and lost a shot to regain that title. For the fans that believe, their star named the “Dominator” supposedly is making a return and his in better shape than ever to regain the Bantam Weight Title on Sunday and will be on FOX TV.

D. Cruz will have all he can handle as he battles with the young and very talented champion in T. Dillshaw whose improvement as of late especially since Cruz was leading the division. Now the UFC Fight Night 81 fans wonder who will wind up with the Bantam Weight Title.

The experts claim that this fight will be a very technical fight with current champ Dillshaw with a 12-2 record takes on the previous champ Cruz with a 20-1 record. T. Dillshaw has gained prominence in this class by the guidance of his head coach D. Ludwig, who has changed the fighting style adding line changes and a quick stance that allows Dillshaw to find to angle to attack his opponents to date. This new southpaw stance has allowed Dillshaw to become very effective as he now has the ability to hit quick from his southpaw stance and make left head kicks while precisely striking with right jabs.

To demonstrate that, one only needs to review is destruction of former champ R. Barao, who was called the 135 pound division’s hardest striker. In their fight Barao was unable to handle the brilliance of the technical changes of Dillshaw. Actually in that fight Dillshaw out-handed 140-64 over Barao that occurred back in May of 2014 in which Dillshaw had 2 knockdowns and ended the match with a kick to the head followed up by some head punches, then a year later he defended the title by ending that fight in the 4th round, even with Barao having strength and being powerful he was still very immobile struggled.

On the other side Cruz is the opposite even as his punches lack some power, his footwork allows him to escaper problems, as he love to keep his opponents off balance by darting around and swinging looping right punches. To top that, he has become an excellent wrestler as he has averaged nearly 4 takedowns in each bout. Cruz is an excellent UCF fighter, but with all his injuries he may have lost his power, coming into this match with a couple of knees that have been repaired and several previous ACL and groin injuries.

The prediction for this bout sees both fighters giving it their all’s, but in the end Dillshaw defends his title and wins by a decision.

The Lightweight bout brings together A. Pettis facing E. Alvarez with Pettis the favorite at -320 and Alvarez the underdog at +240. Pettis known as “Showtime” has a record of 18 and 3 as the starts a comeback in the Lightweight division that at one time he was the king, and he starts taking on the toughest lightweight on the roster in E. Alvarez who’s record in 26 and 4 a pressure fighter, and Alvarez seem vulnerable against fighters of pressure, even as he has had 7 victories by knockout!

A wrestler and boxer Alvarez like to put pressure on his opponents and keep the opponents on their feet and upright as he like to throw dashing right hand shots. He will go to the ground only when he thinks that will give him an advantage over his opponent in that bout.

The prediction on this bout is that Pettis the favorite ends the match with a well performed head kick.

Then we have the Heavyweight bout between T. Browne and M. Mitrione with Brown being the favorite at -155 and Mitrione the underdog at +125.

This will be fight with a lot of action as Browne whose record is 17 wins 3 losses and a draw faces Mitrione who has 9 wins and 4 losses as to crash in the Octagon middle. The explosive striker is Browne who possesses a submission game that is serviceable, while Mitrione likes to fight in upright position as he dislikes fighting on the mat.

The prediction for this bout is that Browne overcome Mitrione with his powerful right punching, and finishes the bout by submission this go around.

Finally, we have the fight between Lightweights R. Pearson and F. Trinaldo and Pearson the favorite at -155, while Trinaldo is the underdog at +125. Pearson known as “The Real Deal” has a record of 20 and 9 with 1 knockout and has a hit and miss type of program in this UFC Division for Lightweights. He is a grade boxer that likes to move his head often. He basically is capable of beating any and all in this division. However, he has faced problems of inactivity, especially when he thinks he’s ahead to the point he will win the bout.

Trinaldo know as “Massaranduba” is from Brazil and supports a record of 18 wins and 4 losses, and lacks the volume of Pearson, but still has a great punching routine. His favorite punch is a winging left punch in which he hurts the opponents with same. Even with his power, he still like the dueling on the mat, as he believes with his size he overcome his opponents with using his grind and pound format for a victory.

The sportsbook prediction in this lightweight bout is that Pearson overcome Trinaldo with his speed, while land numerous strong punches and wins this match with a unanimous decision in the end.

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