UFC 117 Betting Card Full of Great Welterweight Action

December 2, 2010 UFC

If you love the welterweight fight class and that stable of fighters than you do not want to miss out on the UFC 117 betting action.

This arguably one of the most loaded welterweight events in UFC betting history with the UFC 117 odds loaded with some of the biggest names in the welterweight action.  From the preliminary card to the Main Event the there are a handful of great welterweight matchups in the UFC 117 odd action and the only big name missing is Georges St Pierre, himself.

St Pierre the great welterweight champ isn’t in this lineup and he’ll likely headline a UFC betting Main Event of his own very soon.  But almost every other top contender in the weight class will be involved in the UFC 117 betting action.  In fact, it’s not all that much of stretch to imagine that one of the welterweight winners will go on to face St Pierre in his next title defense.

The UFC 117 odds competition features two of the top contenders in the class Jon Fitch and Thiago Alves who will square off on the main card.  These are two of the best welterweight fighters in the world and with their only recent losses coming from St Pierre. It’s quite likely that if Fitch can bet the better of the Alves in the UFC 117 betting action he’ll get another shot at St Pierre for the title.

But Matt Hughes and Ricardo Almeida might have something to say about that as these two welterweights will also square off in the UFC 117 betting action main card.  In the Preliminary card there are also several intriguing matchups that won’t likely yield a title challenger in the in near future, but perhaps in a few months to a year we’ll see one of these fighters earn their own title shot.

Dustin Hazelett and Christian Morecroft will face one another on the prelim card as will Charlie Brenneman and Johnny Hendricks.  The third welterweight bout in the UFC 117 odds competition will feature Ben Saunders and Dennis Hallman. 

All of these fighters have great potential and are a great reason to check out the UFC 117 betting action.

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