Could the UFC 117 Betting Events Be Anderson Silva’s last?

December 2nd, 2010 UFC

So far the calendar year 2010 has been a great year for UFC Main Events and the upcoming UFC 117 betting event on August 7th could be more of the same.

Or it could be remembered as a red letter date in UFC history when the reigning champ, one of the great fighters in MMA history walked away from the sport?  Sound too crazy to be true, could be.  But if middleweight champ Anderson Silva pulls another stunt like he did in April, UFC president Dana White has already stated publicly that he’ll hand Silva his walking papers. And White is not the type of guy to eat his words.

There have been rumors of Silva leaving UFC for years now and some that talk stemmed from contract negotiations and undoubtedly were little more than bargaining chips.  But something about the upcoming UFC 117 odds event seems different.  Silva is now at an age where he’s no doubt starting to think of other career options outside of MMA and since he’s at the peak of his UFC fame it would make sense to try and capitalize on that before he fades into the spotlight as a punch drunk has-been.

Silva will head into his UFC 117 betting matchup as the overwhelming favorite and truth be told his opponent Chael Sonnen really isn’t much of a contender; in fact, it’s a very strange matchup and the UFC 117 odds hugely favor Silva.  After all, Silva is arguably one the top three MMA fighters in history and Sonnen is little more than a punching bag.  It seems like a strange matchup, especially coming after Silva’s bizarre behavior against Demian Maia where he refused to engage his opponent and threw insults instead of punches.

It’s hard to know what’s going to happen in the upcoming UFC 117 betting Main Event but there are certainly a number of possibilities and if Silva was looking for a way to get out his UFC deal diving in this match would certainly be one way of doing it.

He could also come out and knock out Sonnen in the first minute.  It’s hard to say when it comes to this supremely talented but mercurial MMA superstar and that’s what makes this matchup so fascinating.

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