UFC 117 Betting Can’t Come Soon Enough

December 2, 2010 UFC

Ricardo Almeida certainly has his work cut out for him in the upcoming UFC 117 betting action.

As good as the UFC Main Events are the only bad thing about them is the fact that fans have to wait a month between these MMA showdowns and the UFC 117 betting action cannot come soon enough for most fighting fans.

This year the competition in the UFC Main Events, for the most part, has been superb and fans are becoming spoiled by the high quality of the fights.  It seems like every event this year has been a string of superstar fighters and great matchups, one after another.  While many UFC 117 odds makers have noted that the upcoming UFC event is as loaded with talent as previous Main Cards, the competition should still be at a very high level and the matchup might even present better betting opportunities than we’ve seen in other UFC events this year.

Everyone is dying to see how the world’s best MMA fighter, middleweight champ Anderson Silva, performs in the UFC 117 betting action after his bizarre showing last time in the Octagon, but chances are he’ll clean the mat with this UFC 117 odds opponent Chael Sonnen just as he has with so many of his opponents in the past.

But if fans looking to bet on the UFC 117 betting lines only focus on the Main Card they might be missing some of the best bouts of the evening.  The upcoming UFC event has some top names on the Main Card but the real UFC 117 betting opportunities could lie on the Preliminary Card.

For UFC fans that aren’t familiar with this aspect of the sport the Prelim Card is often the best wagering opportunity in the sport.  This is the part of the evening when up and coming fighters can make a name for themselves and earn a shot at the UFC Main Card and potentially a shot at the title further down the road. 

This is where almost all the greats of the sport got their chance and all it takes is one great showing on the Preliminary Card to catch the eye of the sport’s organizers and earn a shot at the big time.

Without a doubt the competition is much better and almost without exception the MMA betting is much better on the undercard than on the Main Card. 

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