UFC 116 Betting Preview: Is Shane Carwin Overrated?

December 2, 2010 UFC

Shane Carwin is an imposing human being and there are few people who would have the guts to enter the Octagon with him in the upcoming UFC 116 betting competition.

Brock Lesnar is another huge and scary human being and will the man to face off with Carwin in the upcoming UFC 116 odds Main Event.  MMA betting fans and many UFC 116 odds makers are divided as to who will win this bout between these two enormous men.

Carwin has more experience in MMA betting than Lesnar and many people point to his perfect 12-0 record in MMA wagering competition as reason to think that he’ll also be victorious in the UFC 116 betting competition as well.  Not only is his overall record better than Lesnar’s (4-1) but it’s also much more extensive and that experience will be invaluable in the UFC 116 betting event.

But a closure examination of Carwin’s record brings up a few questions of its own.  No one doubts that Carwin is a great MMA fighter, but if you look over his UFC betting record there aren’t a whole lot of big names on his list of defeated fighters.

Frank Mir is arguably the biggest name and most talented UFC betting fighter that Carwin has fought before.  And that was his most recent fight.  Heading into that fight there were a lot of UFC betting fans that thought Mir would get the better of Carwin.  Of course, Carwin prevailed by knocking Mir out.

But if you look down the rest of Carwin’s vanquished foes in the run up to the UFC 116 odds Main Event, there is hardly a recognizable name among them.  Neil Wain? Gabirel Gonzga? Christian Wellisch?  These fighters are hardly UFC betting champions and nowhere near the same level as Lesnar.

Lesnar, for his part has only a very brief body of MMA betting work heading into the UFC 116 betting event.   But that brief resume does include wins over former champions Randy Couture and Mir.

Hard to say who will the upcoming UFC 116 betting event, but fans shouldn’t take either of these fighters’ incomplete records too seriously.

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