Will Rampage Jackson Taste Victory in the UFC 114 Betting Action?

December 2, 2010 UFC

No matter what the profession is, it’s difficult to take more than a year away from the job and return without any rust but that is exactly the dilemma that Quinton “Rampage Jackson” is facing in the run-up to his UFC 114 betting contest vs. Rashad Evans.

On May 29th, light heavyweights Jackson and Evans will square off at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in the Main Event of the UFC 114 betting action. But this isn’t just any UFC betting event as it’s already been pre-determined by UFC president Dana White that the winner of the UFC 114 odds matchup will face the current light heavyweight champion, Mauricio Rua. That latest development has added even more excitement to the UFC 114 betting action and added extra pressure to the fighters in this particular UFC 114 odds contest.

Both Jackson and Evans are among the best fighters in MMA betting and both men are former UFC betting champions. Both have recently lost that title and fighting their way back to the top of the MMA betting world. But there is no question that Evans is better positioned to regain the belt he lost at the upcoming UFC 114 betting event.

As stated earlier, Jackson’s last UFC betting event was March 7th …of last year. That means that almost 15 month will have passed by when he finally climbs in to the Octagon on May 29th since he’s had an MMA betting match. The UFC 114 betting matchup will be his first time in a competitive fight in more than a year. And Rashad Evans is not the type of fighter you want to face in your first bout in more than a year.

But Evans has other tactical advantages as well and should be the favorite to win this UFC 114 betting matchup. Evans is one of the most versatile fighters in the light heavyweight class as he’s a master of striking, wrestling and holds two black belts in martial arts disciplines. Jackson is more of a brawler with only wrestling and boxing skills in his tool chest.

Still, he’s no push over, and if he’s in as good as shape as claims to be than the UFC 114 betting Main Event should be very interesting indeed.

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