UFC 111 Odds Make Hardy Victory Unlikely vs. St. Pierre

December 2nd, 2010 UFC

With the UFC 111 odds already more or less set for the upcoming MMA betting event it’s obvious what the sports gambling public and the experts think will play out when Dan Hardy and Georges St Pierre go head to head in the UFC betting main event.

St Pierre is heavy favorite in the UFC 111 odds and no one is really giving Hardy much of a chance to emerge victorious from one of the most hypes UFC welter weight sports betting challenges in recent memory. So the 64 million question is: Does Hardy have a legitimate chance of winning this MMA wagering event against the champion St Pierre? The answer is: no.

St Pierre is simply too complete a fighter to for Hardy, or any other welter weight featured in the MMA gambling at this moment right now.  It is no coincidence that St Pierre is the reigning MMA Fighter of the year and widely recognized in the MMA betting community as the pound for pound best fighter on the planet.

Hardy will bring his strengths to the UFC 111 odds –which is in fact his strength and punching power- and this will something new for St Pierre to deal with in this UFC betting matchup, but it’s not likely enough to defeat the champ.  It’s been some time since the champ has faced a strong puncher in the octagon but he’s had plenty of time to prepare to for this UFC 111 betting matchup and should be prepared.

Hardy’s best shot at winning this fight is to be aggressive with his fists right out of the gate and hope to stun Hardy.  He simply cannot allow St Pierre to get comfortable at any point in this UFC sports betting title fight.  The longer the fight goes on the more the MMA betting result will favor the champ. But in any UFC betting scenario you paint a Hardy victory looks unlikely in this title fight.

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