Rousey-Holm II Coming Soon

November 7th, 2019 UFC

Fans betting on UFC can now begin salivating at the possibility of another Holly Holm – Ronda Rousey fight. After a disappointing fight against Miesha Tate at UFC 196 where she was choked out, she has been requesting a rematch hoping to get vindication; instead it seems very possible that top UFC officials have different plans for her. They are going to go with the original idea they had all along, a rematch against Ronda Rousey.

The story of this rematch dates back to UFC 193 when Holm knocked out the most popular female UFC fighter in the world with one swift kick, absolutely stunning the world. After her win, a rematch seemed like the next logical step, but after Rousey not being able to fight until the end of this year, made Holm request another opponent to stay active. In UFC 196, another unexpected upset occurred, Tate beat Holm in another stunning upset that left the fans betting on UFC scratching their heads with bewilderment. What then?

As natural assumption, Holm requested her rightful rematch, but UFC higher ups are reportedly more interested in getting Rousey-Holm part II. In the grand scheme of things, the path to the bantamweight world tittle belt became more complicated for all the fighters around. Tate requested to fight before the year was done and was appointed a tittle fight at UFC 200 with Amanda Nunes. This left Holm with no opponent and waiting her turn. Then, Dana White announced that on UFC 200 Cat Zingano would make her return to the octagon against Julianna Pena, with the possibility that the winner will then get a shot of the winner of Tate-Nunes bout. Leaving Holly Holm further back in the line. This opened up the chance to get the awaited rematch with Rousey.

Now, without a tittle on the line this fight seems that it has lost some prestige, both Holm and Rousey were stunned, and both (for the moment) will be out of the spotlight. However, given their history this fight will be very likely a main event PPV fight probably by the end of the year, when Rousey is ready to fight again.

According to reports by experts on betting on UFC, Holm wants to get her rematch against Tate and another shot at the tittle as soon as possible. However, given the potential chaos that the women’s bantamweight division, could end up with Tate losing to Nunes.

Tougher competition for the fighters means more money for UFC, and it means more interesting events for the fans of mixed martial arts. Regardless if there is a tittle or not on the line, if Holm and Rousey were to step into the octagon once more, it would definitely gather the attention of the entire world. It remains to be seen what is Rousey’s position when it comes to this rematch, so far in interviews she stated that she would be up for it. Of course SBG Global, the best place to bet on UFC will have all the odds.

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