Ronda Rousey UFC Betting Favorite Against Nunes??

October 1st, 2019 UFC

Even though MMA betting sportsbook UFC  betting fans would unanimously agree that Conor McGregor is the UFC’s biggest star, Dana White has been adamant that Ronda Rousey is the promotional company’s biggest star. Rousey doesn’t hold nearly the amount of records that McGregor does but since she was rooted for in Brazil.

Rousey at the Top of UFC betting

White is 100% convinced that Rousey is the UFC’s most praised star. But most online UFC betting fans can see through this guise. White is trying his hardest to keep McGregor at bay, whose ambition knows no limits. If White publically admits that McGregor is the UFC’s biggest star then he will just have to start throwing more money at the Irishman, something no businessman will want to do.

Last days for Rousey

Unfortunately for White, Ronda Rousey has already publicly stated that the upcoming UFC 207 is going to be one of her last fights. Losing your biggest star is not what you want for your business and some recent headlines involving McGregor suggest that the Irishman would be comfortable stepping away from the UFC, but we’ll get to that later. Rousey has begun to look into an acting career and it’s clear that she has one foot out of the door. But before she steps away, Rousey will get a shot for the UFC’s Women’s Bantamweight Title. Let’s see what the best betting sites have to say about Nunes vs. Rousey

MMA Odds – UFC 207 – Friday, December 30th 

Amanda Nunes 1 ½ (+180) +140 vs. Rhonda Rousey 1 ½ (-220) -160

Notwithstanding the fact that Rousey hasn’t fought in months and that she’s going up against a Brazilian monster who currently owns the title, the online UFC betting odds still think the former champ has a good chance. But I wouldn’t jump on the Rousey train so quickly. The fighting game is not something that you can enter with a perfunctory attitude, if you’re going to risk your health in the octagon you’ve got to be prepared to give it your all. Rousey’s comments suggest that she is ready to step away from the UFC and that type of mentality is not conducive to a win in the MMA, especially when going up against as someone as ferocious as Nunes. This will mark Nunes’ first time defending the title and it’ll be interesting to see how the ‘Lioness’ fares.


Now regarding the news about McGregor; recently the media made it public that the Irishman had been granted a boxing license in the state of California. Some online UFC betting analysts took this as a challenge to Floyd Mayweather, stating that McGregor’s move puts the ball in ‘Money’s’ court. Other took it as a threat to Dana White, believing that McGregor is letting White know that he has options outside the UFC. Whoever McGregor fights will earn a huge payday; only thing is that Mayweather doesn’t need a huge payout. ‘Money’ is already loaded and it’s unimaginable to picture him risking his undefeated record, at his age, to fight McGregor. For crying out loud he’s not Rocky Balboa.

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