Bet on UFC 200: Joe Lauzon vs. Diego Sanchez Odds

October 21st, 2019 UFC

Joe Lauzon versus Diego ‘The Nightmare’ Sanchez on Saturday, July 9th is a very interesting matchup for fans who will bet on UFC 200. On the one hand, Lauzon has 13 post-fight bonuses, the second most in the history of the company (he also has the most Submission of the Night honors with six) – earning the Human Bonus Machine moniker; on the other, Sanchez has been in more Fight of the Year bouts than any other fighter in MMA – dating back to UFC 6 in 2006 against Karo Parisyan – as well as seven Fights of the Night. Here are the bet on UFC betting odds for the match:

Joe Lauzon 2½ (-235) -110 
Diego Sanchez 2½ (+195) -110

Surely these two are equipped with a set of above-average traits in order to accrue such bet on UFC achievements. Let’s see below:

Diego Sanchez

• Country: USA.
• Age: 34 years old.
• MMA record: 26 (6 by KO, 9 by submission, 11 by decision)-8 (1 by KO, 7 by decision).
• KO percentage: 32%
• Submission percentage: 21%
• Decision percentage: 46%
• Height: 5’10”
• Weight: 155 pound (lightweight).
• Reach: 72”
• Leg reach: 40”
• Strikes landed/minute: 2.7
• Strike accuracy: 35.6%
• Strikes absorbed/minute: 2.9
• Defense: 58.2%
• Takedown average: 1.5
• Takedown accuracy: 22.08%
• Takedowns defended: 49.1%
• Submission average: 1.05
• Team: Jackson’s Submission Fighting, The Arena.
• Trained by: Greg Jackson.
• Rank: Black belt in Gaidojutsu, Black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Roberto Tussa.
• Active: 2002-present.

Joe Lauzon

• Country: USA.
• Age: 32 years old.
• MMA record: 25 (7 by KO, 17 by submission, 1 by decision)-11 (4 by KO, 3 by submission, 4 by decision).
• KO percentage: 25%
• Submission percentage: 71%
• Decision percentage: 4%
• Height: 5’10”
• Weight: 155 pound (lightweight).
• Reach: 71”
• Leg reach: 40”
• Strikes landed/minute: 2.3
• Strike accuracy: 37.4%
• Strikes absorbed/minute: 5
• Defense: 57.9%
• Takedown average: 2.3
• Takedown accuracy: 41.3%
• Takedowns defended: 58.8%
• Submission average: 2.5
• Team: Lauzon MMA.
• Rank: Brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Ricky Lundell.
• Active: 2004-present.

Many fans who bet on UFC consider Sanchez to be the most exciting fighter in the company – an opinion echoed by Joe Rogan (his last name’s Rogan?). And Lauzon is no slouch, either. However, in spite of their many accolades, both fighters have been hit-and-miss as of late – though that makes their direct confrontation more interesting, in terms of UFC betting. Sanchez won his first six UFC fights in a row, dropped the next two, and then won four more consecutive bouts. Since December 2009, though, he hasn’t been able to string more than two straight wins together.

Lauzon’s longest winning streak in the UFC consisted of his three fights; since 2008 he has encountered the same problem as Sanchez, thus failing to gather any significant momentum. One of the things that could sway people who bet on UFC one way or the other is that Sanchez is coming off a win over Jim Miller, while Lauzon lost his most recent bout to Evan Dunham.

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