Triple Crown Fever Begins with Horse Racing Betting Odds

Triple Crown Fever Begins with Horse Racing Betting Odds

January 7th, 2019 Horseracing, Triple Crown

The first Saturday in May is a sacred date in the sport of horse racing.  To be exact the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs takes place each year on that day.  And the blanket of roses draped on the winning horse remains one of the great moments annually in sport.  Additionally, the venue of Churchill Downs is the absolute mecca of American horse racing.  Most important of all is that gamblers consider the Kentucky Derby as the most important event with the Horse Racing betting odds.  

Kentucky Derby

Not only is the Kentucky Derby the biggest race of the year.  Encompassing its importance is it begins the Triple Crown racing season.   The Triple Crown goes to the winning horse of the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes.  It follows that the feat is quite rare.  To illuminate there have been only two Triple Crown winning horses since Affirmed won the honor in 1978.  American Pharoah was the 2015 Triple Crown winner.  Three years later Justify took the Triple Crown.  For all that, winning a Triple Crown remains a longshot with the Horse Racing Betting Odds.

Winning the Triple Crown

For one thing to win a Triple Crown means that a horse must win three straight races against Grade A competition.  Furthermore, it has become far more difficult these days.  For one example there are often fresh horses that haven’t run in the Preakness and Belmont.  Of great concern for the Kentucky Derby winner is getting ambushed by rested horses in those events.  Along the same lines this has changed the sportsbook handicapping dynamics.  Horses that nobody has heard of show up at the last two races after the Derby.  This makes for a true handicapping challenge.

What it takes to win the Triple Crown

Owing to those and other factors makes the Triple Crown one of sports most difficult achievements.  Not withstanding the variables of competition, it is simply flat out daunting to ask any horse to win three consecutive races.  Likewise, there are so many quality horses in all three Triple Crown events that the challenge is immense.  Equally important is the hype bestowed on the Kentucky Derby winner.  Casual fans will pound down the wagering value of the Derby winner.  Furthermore, the Derby winner is immediately touted as Triple Crown material.  The end result is poor value with Horse Racing Betting Odds.  

Breeders Cup

Following the Triple Crown season comes eager anticipation for the Breeders Cup held each November.  Regardless of what happened in the Triple Crown races the Breeders Cup draws the best horses in the world.  Therefore, many gamblers will flock to these races as the Super Bowl of horse racing.  Concurrently the Breeders Cup has grown rapidly in popularity.  Specifically, gamblers love the high quality of horses participating in each Breeders Cup race.  In this situation there is also tremendous variety as the races are not just limited to three-year-old horses like the Triple Crown schedule.

Breathtaking 2 Minutes

In sum the Breeders Cup Classic lines up the very best horses in the world regardless of age.  Consequently, the Classic is among the very best draws in the sport.  Owing to that quality and the well-known names gamblers bet the Classic like few other events on the calendar.  Subsequently you will see great fluctuation of the prices and odds.  In particular the breathtaking two minutes of a major horse race should be experienced by all gamblers!

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