Triple Crown Horse Racing Betting

There is always going to be that loose chance of a horse winning the Triple Crown every year. It finally came true for the first time in nearly thirty years after American Pharoah won the Triple Crown in 2015. Of course, any year is a good one to bet on Triple Crown races no matter whether or not a horse is in the running for horse racing’s greatest achievement.

Are Basic Bets Good?

Traditional two dollar bets on Triple Crown races can be great as many of these Triple Crown events have higher odds due to the extensive number of horses competing. This is especially the case with the Kentucky Derby where as many as twenty horses can compete.

The two dollar bets on horses can pay off at times. To give you an example, a few years ago you would bet $2 on a specific horse would pay $32.60. Meanwhile, a place bet was good for $13.80. The payouts will be even better when the horses that win have weaker odds.

Exotic Bets Are Always Big

Exotic bets are always popular for players to go after. These bets are ones that can entail players betting on the first two, three or four horses in a race. These are known respectively as the exacta, trifecta and superfecta.

A player can get just one dollar on a trifecta or superfecta and get a big payday out of it. For instance, the trifecta at the 2015 Belmont Stakes paid out $54.75 while the superfecta was good for $285 when a one-dollar bet is considered. What’s more is that the payouts can be even higher if horses with worse odds win; those totals came off of the clear favorite American Pharoah winning it all.

What About The Daily Double?

The Daily Double is often a bet that many people forget about. However, it can be attractive as the odds on Triple Crown races may be higher. Besides, there are always going to be one or two more races for the day after the big Triple Crown race ends on a track. The key is to place one or two dollars on a bet to determine the winning horse in two straight races. This can be expanded to a pick three or four if desired but the odds of winning that are low; then again, the payout is higher for it.

Betting on Triple Crown horse races is certainly something that became popular this past season and the odds are the momentum will keep on going well into 2016 as the next set of three-year-olds run to try and join War Admiral, Secretariat, Affirmed and American Pharoah among many others in racing immortality. Be sure to watch for the odds for the next Triple Crown race when it comes along.

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