Nadal Has Chance at Greatness in 2010 US Open Betting

January 22nd, 2018 Tennis

For tennis betting fans there are few events if any on the planet that can rival the excitement of the US Open Betting experience.

The young Spaniard is off to a terrific start in the 2010 sports betting after winning two Grand Slam titles already and will be the favorite in the US Open odds to pick up a third in New York in August.

Of the four tennis betting Grand Slam events, Nadal has already won three of them before this 25th birthday.  He picked up his first Aussie Open title last year in 2009 but had a rough year dealing with injuries after that and was never really a contender in any of the other Slams including the US Open betting action.

He’s already captured Wimbledon twice including an epic victory over the great Roger Federer in 2008 and again in a relatively easy win over Tomas Brydich in this year’s Wimbledon betting action.

And of course Nadal has basically claimed the French Open betting trophy as his own having dominated at Roland Garros.  As the greatest clay player of his generation and perhaps in the history of tennis betting he has won the French Open betting competition five of the past six years including the 2010 French Open betting action.

But the US Open betting contest has always eluded Nadal.  He plays with such energy and such abandon that he is generally in poor physical condition by the time August roles around –the month of the US Open odds competition- and is either bounced early in the hard court competition or simply isn’t able to enter due to injury.

This year you can be certain that Nadal will approach the US Open betting tournament with extra care to ensure that he is at his best.  He will likely limit his playing in the month ahead and focus almost exclusively on the US Open odds competition.

If he is able to win the US Open betting this year he will become just the third player in the modern tennis betting era (after Andre Agassi and Federer) to win the career Grand Slam and that would make him one of the all time greats at age 24.

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