Odds & Matchups in Tennis Betting

December 2, 2010 Tennis

Tennis betting gives you action from January all the way through November with men and women playing tournaments every month.

The options when you bet on tennis include picking an overall winner for the tournament in addition to matchups.

Tennis betting lists odds before a tournament begins on players to win the event.  The most popular tennis betting tournaments are the Grand Slam events which consist of the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and the U.S. Open. Those are not the only events for you to consider though as you bet on tennis. There are tournaments every single month except in December to consider as you bet on tennis.

Tennis betting gives you two main choices. You can bet on tennis with a player to win a particular tournament or you can wait until the tennis betting matchups are released by the sportsbook and bet one player against another. On the men’s side it has been all about wagering on Roger Federer in recent years.  When he plays he is almost always favored in tennis betting. Tennis betting on the matchups can be the way to go on the men’s side if you don’t want to bet on Federer.  These matchups just have you needing your player to beat the other player to win your bet. Sometimes you will get these matchups early in a tournament while other times they start appearing on the quarterfinals, semifinals and final.

It is wide open in tennis betting on the women’s side so you can look at playing someone to win in addition to playing the tennis betting matchups.  Serena Williams is still the favorite but she doesn’t win every event like Federer can do.  There are a number of women who can win in tennis betting.

Tennis betting for some people is all about the Grand Slam events but it doesn’t have to be that way.  There are tennis betting tournaments every month of the year except December with action on the men in the ATP and the women in the WTA. That means you have a lot of chances to win money every year in tennis betting. Women’s tennis may have more value but the men’s side is oftentimes more popular.  Whichever side you choose though, you can look at the odds before the tournament starts and then take a look at matchups as the tournament progresses.

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