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December 2, 2010 Tennis

Tennis betting for the 2008 ATP season begins on January 7th with two tournaments. There is the Medibank International where James Blake is the defending champion and the Heineken Open in New Zealand.

Tennis betting should really start by knowing the players. And no, this does not mean only the top 10 on the men’s and women’s side. If you only know the top few players then you miss out on any value you might get from someone outside the top 10 that could spring an upset.

Most of the time the top players in the world are going to be heavy favorites on the tennis betting odds board. It is the players just off the radar a bit that can offer excellent value as you bet tennis. Some sportsbooks will only put tennis betting matchups up when the tournament gets to the quarterfinals. You will then see tennis betting matchups on the quarterfinals, semifinals and final. That does not mean that you don’t need to know all the players though. If you see a tournament where the top few players are not involved then you must know the other players. Remember that you also have the option of tennis betting option of taking a player to win the tournament before it begins. This can be an excellent opportunity to hit a big score if you know the players.

As you bet tennis you will notice that the top players are heavily favored. There is a simple reason for this. They usually win. If you are going to bet favorites in tennis betting you might want to consider parlaying. Some sportsbooks will let you parlay favorites and that is not a bad idea. This makes taking favorites a little more plausible in tennis betting.

Another tennis betting tip to remember is that tournaments have different surfaces. This is important to remember as you bet tennis because some players play well on one surface and struggle on another. For example, a player like Rafael Nadal is almost unbeatable on clay but on other surfaces he is not as good. Other players have similar tendencies and you must know them if you want to do well in tennis betting. Remember that tennis has three surfaces, clay, grass and hard court.

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