Which Team Should Be 4 in the NCAA Playoff Rankings?

football player taking handoff from quarterbackThe red-hot playoff race has the college football betting world wondering what the outcome of the rankings will look like tomorrow. The first three in whatever order they might be, are more than likely Alabama, Florida State and Oregon. But, the real question that is causing debate among college football pundits. Several teams could very well in all merits fit the profile and be on the fourth spot.

Baylor is the first option on many lists and mock poll rankings over the internet. Baylor has been able to get some key victories during this season over some difficult rivals of the likes of TCU and Ohio State. Baylor is one of college football betting favorite teams and a team worthy of a playoff shot. However in this committee based rakings, sometimes the most immaculate record is just not enough to impress them. Just ask the undefeated Seminoles.

Just a short while ago, Mississippi State was the TOP team in the rankings, until the now No.1, Alabama Crimson Tide knocked them out of the top stop. All of the sudden many fans and experts are disregarding them, forgetting that this is a great team and their season up to that point. However, down the road Baylor and Mississippi will have a tough race, but they also need to weigh in the third horse in this race: Ohio State.

The Buckeyes lost to Baylor, but that loss came before they began to peak. Now, the Buckeyes are coming into their own. They have what looks like to be an easier schedule than the other two schools and end up with a much better record. However, as far as college football betting goes, it is not likely that Ohio State will be in the 4th spot this week, but they pose a real threat for future weeks.