Upset Alert: Colts Have What It Takes to Beat Patriots

February 10th, 2020 Sportsbook

It is a question that many are asking in NFL betting, and many hope they know the answer before placing their wagers during the weekend. Can the Colts beat the Patriots this Sunday at Foxboro?

The line has the Patriots as favorites of -6½ points, and with good reason. They are looking strong and they appear to have everything set to reach Super Bowl XLIX. That is unless, Andrew Luck and the Colts can stop them.Of the two NFL betting underdogs going in this weekend, the one with the best chances of pulling the upset is definitely the Colts.

Why not the Packers? Well, the status of Aaron Rodgers is a huge factor. According to insiders and experts he is not at 100%, should that have been different, a different story could be told.

On the other hand, the Colts appear to have that special factor that could decide the AFC Championship game on Sunday. Andrew Luck is playing superbly and this season has seen him become into an elite Quarterback. Should he win on Sunday then his stock will sky rocket, and he could be in the brink of achieving legendary status, and what better way to do so than beating the proverbial “villains” of the NFL?

It’s a matter of how good can Luck be on Sunday and how ready is the Pats secondary line to face him. Many experts are expecting this game to see at least 2 or even 3 interceptions being thrown by Luck, considering how the Patriots D has been performing. The Colts do not have an impressive running game that they could exploit should things become difficult for Luck. NFL betting fans know that could go either way.

If that was not all, the Colts defense has their work cut out for them. If Tom Brady gets into a rhythm, they could be in big trouble. The difficulty of being able to outpunch the Pats and be able to stop them is at a very high level. Now, we are not saying it will or will not happen, we are saying it could.

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