UFC Fight Night 82 Betting Odds – Hendricks vs. Thompson

November 14th, 2019 Sportsbook, UFC

This coming Saturday the 6th of February 2016, the UFC Fight Night had a big Super Bowl 50 weekend slate that included F. Werdum heavyweight champion facing former champ C. Velasquez, but low and behold Velazquez who was injure several weeks ago, just dropped out, and the following day Werdum withdrew claiming he did so because of his own injury problems.

That was somewhat disappointing to fans, but that was a event that was to be pay for view, and now the UFC offers a free fight night, with the main event including J. “Big Rigg” Hendricks the former champion of welterweight class going up against the upcoming S. “Wonderboy” Thompson in what should be an exciting match for the UFC fans.

So let’s take a look at the new main event for Saturday UFC Fight Night, the Welterweights as J. Hendricks (Big Rigg) takes on S. Thompson (Wonderboy) in this interesting match-up! For those that Bet on UFC the early odds have J. Hendricks as the favorite at -240 while S. Thompson is the underdog at +180.

Back in October 2015 Hendricks with 17 wins and 3 losses was to go up against T. Woodley for the No.1 rank, but then a kidney stone attack had he resign from that bout at the last moment. At this date he is healthy and is seeking a top performance so he can be considered for about against R. Lawler the present UFC Champion for the Welterweight class.

Hendricks is a well coordinated fighter whenever he enters the ring, as he has superb wrestling chops and in his college days he was an All-American in free style wrestling, including a national title. His punches have plenty of power, and have 1st round knockouts with J. Fitch and M. Kampann. Now he has added some kicking to his match strategy which he displayed against Lawler in their 2 bouts.

When Hendricks comes up against Thompson (11 wins and 1 loss) in this Saturday match he will be tested is they remain standing in the fight. Thompson before he came into the MMA he was 2-0 in kickboxing events.

To date Thompson biggest match was against J. Ellenberger a contender in July 2015, and he had a 1st round win by a knockout as a result of 2 incredible heel kicks. At 1 point in that match he did struggle a bit as he went down as a result of a hard punch by Ellenberger early in the bout.

Thompson is not only a striker, but recently has improved on grappling and his wrestling abilities which he displayed both talents in fights with Ellenberger and Cote.

The prediction for this match is that Thompson who has improved lately every time he enters the ring, and this time we expect he will overpower Hendricks who likely will be tarnished after missing some 11 months most recently.

Additionally we will give a quick preview of another event for this Saturday night which is a Heavyweight bout with R. Nelson and J. Rosholt in which Nelson is the early favorite at -165 while Rosholt the underdog at +135.

R. Nelson known as ‘Big Country’ has a record of 20 and 12 and managed to lose 5 of his ultimate 6 bouts. An in this bout he will be seeking victory to maintain rank as he faces the upcoming J. Rosholt known as ‘The Big Show’ whose record is 14 and 2 to date. He is known wrestler of free style, and has used his excellent skills in his ultimate 7 bouts to win 6 of those events, however remember in 5 of those bouts it went to decision. This 15 minute bout should give Nelson the opportunity to strike with his powerful right punch, since 7 of his wins have been via TKO or knockout.

The online betting prediction for the Heavyweight bout is that ‘Big Country’ the underdog will overcome ‘The Big Show’ in what is judged as unanimous decision in this bout.

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