Turnaround in the Sportsbook Odds at SBG Global

October 12th, 2017 Sportsbook

Sportsbook action in the NFL rarely contains a team as bad as the 2007 edition of the Miami Dolphins.

This team barely escaped becoming the offshore sportsbook record books for futility when they managed to steal a single win last year.  But this year the team looks a million miles removed from last year’s sportsbook version and with a bit of luck the Dolphins might even be in the playoffs.

Sportsbook odds makers can only marvel at the turnaround.  But as surprising as it’s been it’s not as if its offshore sportsbook turnaround is entirely unexpected.  Last season, as often happens in the NFL sportsbook action, everything that could have gone wrong did.  It was as if the perfect storm of bad luck and ineptitude converged to form the awful product that was the Dolphins’ offshore sportsbook results last season.

But this year three key factors have transformed this band of losers into something resembling a playoff contender in the watered-down AFC East.  First, a change at the top of operations, in the form of Bill Parcells and new coach Tony Sprano has completely transformed this sportsbook team.  While you can draw many contrasts between the new regime and Cam Cameron, the skipper at his helm of last season’s sportsbook nightmare, the biggest difference has been in the talent evaluation department, something Parcells excels in.

Second, the team has a QB, something it was lacking during the ’07 sportsbook campaign.  This is even more important than the coaching, as no one, no matter brilliant, can coach a team led by Cleo Lemon to many sportsbook wins.  Chad Pennington has been excellent this season.  He’s not the most gifted QB in the offshore sportsbook odds, but he’s smart and plays mistake free for the most part.  And that has made all the difference.

Third, this team is finally healthy.  Last year injuries, along with a dearth of talent, contributed to 15 sportsbook losses.  This year the team has remained quite healthy and the difference is night and day.  Having both Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown in top form has allowed the team to run the Wildcat offense, which has been the hit of the NFL sportsbook season so far.

This team is just one game out of the lead in the AFC East, but it doesn’t seem like it’s got what it takes to overtake the Pats and Jets.  The team should be able to finish above .500, which in itself would be a major sportsbook victory, but the playoffs are still a year or two away.

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