Top Three Week 15 NFL Betting Picks

August 30th, 2017 Sportsbook

49ers player tackling Rams playing trying to catch footballNFL football betting is revving up to Week 15’s exciting match ups and today we bring you our definitive picks for some of the most anticipated games. The regular season is drawing to a dramatic finale and the different storylines throughout the league are about to unfold Playoff hopes are on the line and with the tones of dramatic proportion. But, to add more fuel to the fire, this week we have a couple of rematches that will spark everyone’s interests. Here are our expert picks for week 15 of NFL football.

For those of us who love dramatic, grudge-match, explosive rivalries this week brings us a new match up between the San Francisco 49ers and the Seattle Seahawks. Both teams have a growing hatred of one another since last season’s playoffs and even more so since the last time they played a couple of weeks ago. So much trash talk has come from both sides that this is setting up to be an explosive tense game. However, let’s not loose sight of cold hard facts and face the god honest truth. The Niners cannot beat the Seahawks at Seattle. Kaepernick is not having a great season and the Seahawks are on fire, when it comes to defense, plus San Francisco are right on the heels of losing to the Raiders. NFL football betting odds have Seattle as -10 favorites. Don’t expect an upset here.

The Philadelphia Eagles are facing the Dallas Cowboys in another rematch from a high profile game from Thanksgiving where the Eagles took Dallas to school. This game, is perhaps the game that could be a pivotal moment for either franchise this season. Both come in with the same record of 9-4, and this game has the division tittle is on the line. NFL football betting odds have this to be a very close game with the Eagles as slight favorites (-3), but we are inclining for the Cowboys to pull an upset in Philadelphia.

Finally, the last game we want to highlight on our NFL football betting picks for week 15 is for the out come of the New England Patriots and the Miami Dolphins. Right now, the Pats are back on their old self, playing excellent football, showing that they have not lost a step yet. And with a win over the Dolphins they can clinch the AFC number 1 spot. The Dolphins had beaten the Pats already this season in Week 1, and they are in dire need to get the win this week if they are to contend for a Playoff spot. But let’s get real here, the Pats at home are too much to handle. Pats for the win and the over.

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