Super Bowl Betting Odds for the Patriots

February 7th, 2020 Sportsbook

Today we will take a closer look at the New England Patriots as an early Super Bowl betting preview to help you have all the key information before laying your wagers for either team.

Despite being more on the news for the “Deflategate” controversy than for their merits in the gridiron, the New England Patriots have earned all season long their right to be in the Super Bowl. Although they stumbled a bit during the regular season, they were able to find their rhythm. By the end they finished with their offense ranked at 11th in the league, with 29.2 Pts/Gm and 365.5 Yds/gm, all very respectable stat numbers. They arguably are the most complete and balanced team in the NFL today. During the playoffs they looked like the vintage Patriots where they were able to fend off their post-season nemesis the Ravens and obliterate the menacing Colts team.

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick by now are familiar names for all Super Bowl betting fans all over the world. You either love them or hate them; they have solidified their legendary status in the league. They are either football’s elite or villainous rivals, depending on how you look at them. Belichik is a certified tactician and he is always scheming on how to exploit their opponent’s weaknesses, and as for Brady we are talking about perhaps the greatest quarterback in the NFL and a future hall of famer.

Besides Tom Brady one of the effective weapons that the Patriots have is Rob Gronkowski, an unstoppable force in tight end that will truly place the Seahawks secondary to the test. He could be the decisive factor in the Patriots offense as they will face the toughest and meanest defense in the NFL.

Super Bowl betting odds have the Pats as early favorites with -1 (-110) line. We are anticipating a very close game, with a slight edge to the Patriots. The key for a win for them here lies with the ability that they have to overpower the Seahawks defense.

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