Super Bowl 50 Proposition Betting Tips

November 15th, 2019 NFL Football, Sportsbook

With the 2016 Super Bowl 50 just around the corner it time we take a look at some of the proposition bets that are popular and available for those fans that Bet on NFL at SBG as this Super Bowl 50 this coming Sunday the 7th of February 2016.

Yes the proposition odds for this Super Bowl 50 are now available for this Championship game between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers and these props are very appealing. Also, there are a handful of proposition odds that go from the coin toss and so on. We don’t intend to cover them all in this article, but rather we chose 5 different props that could bring you some winnings.

We start with the Coin toss for Super Bowl 50 which determines who receives the ball first, as the winner of the toss can chose to kick or receive on the opening play of this game. Presently the odds for the Coin Toss are: Heads at -102 and Tails at -102.

Generally the coin toss has equal chances for heads or tails to turn up, but for some reason in the Super Bowl tosses in the last 7 Super Bowl tosses of the coin Heads was chose 5 time while tails came up on 2 occasions, thus you may what to consider choosing heads, as the online wagering prediction is that Heads will prevail again.

Another attractive prop bet is, will the team that wins the coin toss also win the Super Bowl 50. In this case the odds are: Yes at -102 and No at -102!

In this prop bet you may ask the importance of winning the coin toss and winning the Super Bowl game. Well in the ultimate 6 SB games the winner of the coin toss won the Super Bowl some 4 times while the loser won 2 of the games. An interesting fact is that the representatives of the NFC in the last 6 Super Bowl contests have won the toss some 4 time of the 6 and in that same period won 3 games and lost 1 Super Bowl. Thus here we predict the winner of the Coin Toss will win Super Bowl 50!

Then there’s the prop bet for who will be the team to score first in this Super Bowl 50, and the odds are: Panthers at -145 and the Broncos at +115.

For your information in their last 6 games, regular season and playoff the Panthers have been the team that scored 1st in five of those games and won all of same. On the other side the Broncos have scored in their ultimate 7 games some 5 times to date. Thus, it basically that is a tossup at present, but the Denver team has a superior defense, being ranked 4th in the NFL as they only allowed opponents some 18 points each game this past season. Therefore, the fact that they can reduce their opponents scoring could give them make them favorable in this proposition, and the online betting prediction is that the Broncos are a good bet as the underdogs for this prop.

Then we have the prop bet of will Both Teams kick a field goal of longer that some 37 yards and the odds are: Yes at +130 and No at -160.

Looking at the 2 teams FG kickers, it is said that the Panthers kicker G. Gano can kick the distance, and in playoffs he as kicked at least 2 times FG’s of over the 37 yards. On the other side the Broncos FG kicker B. McManus has the distance also, as in postseason game he has kicked some 5 FG’s of the 37 yards or over. The longest FG for each was Gano in their 8th game kicked a 52 yarder against the Colts, while McManus in their 1st game of the season against the Ravens kicked a 57 yarder. The sportsbook prediction here is that it is expected that in this Super Bowl 50 each kicker will kick a FG of over the 37 yard mark. So Yes is the bet!

Then our last Proposition is will a TD be scored by the Defense or the Special Teams and the odds are: Yes at +155 and No at -185!

Both these teams have some talented special team players and good defensive units. The likes of which this season for the Broncos they have shown their ability to make the big play, when their O. Bolden (special teams member) returned a punt for some 83 yards and a TD in their 9th game of the season against the Colts. Also A. Talib had 2 interceptions this season and returned for 6 points each and C. Harris in their 5th game had a 73 yard interception return for 6 points, while in their 8th game M. Johnson against the Packers scored on a safety, and then in their 6th game B. Roby recovered a fumble and scored a TD.

The Panthers on the other side have a very talented LB in L. Keuchly who is the leader of their defensive unit, and in their 2 post season games he had an interception for touchdowns, and LB Keuchly is anxious since Broncos QB Manning has had 17 reception this 2015-16 season.

The sports betting prediction for this prop is that with the talent on special teams and defense for both teams, it’s very likely that YES would be a good Bet.

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