Sportsbook Website – Packers Upset They Can’t Run the Ball

The Green Bay Packers are 7-4 and in playoff contention and they are heavily favored at home this week at the sportsbook website but all is not well in Green Bay.

The Packers lost last week at Atlanta against the odds at the sportsbook company and a big reason why they lost is their lack of a running game.

Coaches and Players Concerned
To make the playoffs and be a championship team you have to at least have some semblance of a running game.  Even the Indianapolis Colts when they won the Super Bowl had at least some sort of a running threat to go along with Peyton Manning.  This year’s Green Bay Packers have no running threat at all to take the pressure off of quarterback Aaron Rodgers.  Coaches and players realize that the lack of a running game is a major problem. The Packers lost top running back Ryan Grant early in the seasons to a season-ending injury and they have not been able to run the ball effectively since.  The Packers have gone with Brandon Jackson and Dimitri Nance. The two combined for a total of 26 rushing yards on 11 carries last week in the loss against the odds at the sportsbook company to Atlanta.

Couldn’t Gain a Yard
Last week the Packers couldn’t gain one yard on two occasions near the Atlanta goal line and it came back to bite them.  The lack of a running game cost the Packers 11 points and ultimately the game.  The Packers were so bad that head coach Mike McCarthy basically just gave up on trying to run the ball.  Quarterback Aaron Rodgers was actually their best runner.  The Packers thought that Brandon Jackson could be the answer but he is not getting it done. He had 10 carries for 26 yards. It is not all the fault of the running backs as the holes have not been there.  The concern is definitely there for Green Bay though as on short goal line situations they are now looking to pass the ball instead of run it and that is a tough way to make a living down at the goal line. Guard Daryn Colledge said the team has to fix the running game.  As the playoffs approach at SBG, when a team can’t get a yard they rarely win against the sportsbook website odds.