Sportsbook Website – NL MVP Agrees to $38 Million Dollar Deal

The Cincinnati Reds were a major surprise last season vs. the baseball odds at the sportsbook website and a big reason why was first baseman Joey Votto.

He won the MVP award in the National League last season as he hit 37 home runs and drove in 113 runs.  The Reds are considered a World Series contender at the sportsbook this season and Cincinnati made sure that Votto will be sticking around as they signed him to a three-year, $38 million deal.

Votto’s Numbers
Votto was the NL MVP and he was named to the All-Star team. He was second in the league in batting average at .324 and third in homer runs with 37.  He was also third in RBIs with 113. He led the National League in slugging percentage (.600) and was the best in all of baseball in on-base percentage. Votto helped the Reds win the National League Central as Cincinnati made the playoffs for the first time in 15 years.

Reds 25-1
Cincinnati is 25-1 in World Series odds at Sbg global.  The Reds are considered a darkhorse contender in the National League.  Even though Cincinnati won the National League Central, the Cardinals have lower World Series odds as they are listed at 20-1 at the sportsbook.  The favorite to win the National League this season is Philadelphia as they are 3.5 to 1 at the sportsbook website.  In fact, the Phillies are the overall favorites to win the World Series this year.

2011 Cincinnati Reds
The Reds have pretty much the same team they had a year ago although they did add shortstop Edgar Renteria.  Votto is the big key as he needs to have another huge year to carry the offense. The Reds also have to hope that they get another consistent year out of their starting pitchers.  Bronson Arroyo had 17 wins last year.  Johny Cueto had a career high 12 wins.  Cincinnati needs Edinson Volquez to come back strong and they need to find a number four starter.  Perhaps Travis Wood will be the answer.  Not to be forgotten is fifth starter Mike Leake who was excellent. The bullpen is solid and perhaps spectacular if Ardolis Chapman gets some experience.  He is the future closer although for now that role is still Francisco Cordero’s.