Sportsbook Success Guide at SBG Global

October 19th, 2017 Sportsbook

Sportsbook success for many gamblers means keeping things simple.

Winning gamblers at an online sportsbook do various things well including keeping things simple and clear in addition to looking for value. Let’s look at a simple guide to sportsbook success.

Sportsbook success should begin with the KISS method.  That means keeping things simple stupid.  One of the biggest traps that online sportsbook gamblers run into is that they needlessly make online sportsbook betting far more complex than what is necessary. The great irony of those that bet at the sportsbook is that the gamblers that do the most work and come up with the most elaborate formulas are the least successful. Conversely you will find that the most successful gamblers at the online sportsbook keep it simple, direct, and to the point.

Clarity is part of simplicity and the gamblers that do keep it simple at the sportsbook are the gamblers that are best able to think clearly and keep an open mind. You cannot have clarity of thought or approach if you are trying to do too much.

Along those same lines you needn’t do all of the “research” that so many handicappers consider important, because that research is almost always based on information that the sportsbook oddsmakers already know or have access to and is already built into the sportsbook betting line.

Independent thought is one of the most important traits of the winning gambler at the sportsbook. To be independent is to end up with board value more often than not as those who are not independent and who are betting with the crowd are allowing themselves to be over-charged and are going to end up with less than full value at the sportsbook. That leads to value recognition. It is far more important to know how to detect what is board value is than who is on a team’s roster or the latest trends or stats. Part of value recognition is to train yourself to think like a sportsbook oddsmaker, and to learn how the line is built and made so that you will know where the weak numbers are and where you are getting a better price than you should, which is what value is in the end.

These attributes are a basic guide to winning at the sportsbook and things you should always keep in mind.

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