Sportsbook Rollover Requirements

Sportsbook rollover requirements are instituted by every single offshore sportsbook, yet many sportsbook members fail to understand these requirements completely. Essentially, rollover requirements are rules that offshore sportsbook sites must use in order to prevent individuals from taking advantage of a sportsbook’s promotions.

Because sportsbook bettors normally make numerous wagers every week, winning some bets and losing others, it generally does not take very much time to satisfy a rollover requirement.

Nevertheless, rollover requirements impact the overall value of a sportsbook bonus, sportsbook bettors should consider rollover requirements when evaluating bonuses. To claim your bonus please choose from one of the following options and which best fits your betting needs.

  • 50% 8 x rollover Up to $500
  • 25% 5 x rollover Up to $500
  • 20% 4 x rollover Up to $500
  • 15% 3 x rollover Up to $500
  • 0% 1 x rollover No Limit

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