Sportsbook Rollover Requirements

Sportsbook rollover requirements are instituted by every single offshore sportsbook, yet many sportsbook members fail to understand these requirements completely.
Essentially, rollover requirements are rules that offshore sportsbook sites must use in order to prevent individuals from taking advantage of a sportsbook’s promotions. Nevertheless, rollover requirements impact the overall value of a sportsbook bonus, so sportsbook bettors should consider rollover requirements when evaluating bonuses.

A sportsbook rollover requirement refers to the wagering that a bettor must undertake before he is allowed to withdraw a bonus that he has received. For example, consider a bettor who deposited $300 at a sportsbook site offering a 30% signup bonus, thereby ending up with a beginning bankroll of $390. Sportsbook sites naturally must require some amount of betting before the net funds can be withdrawn, or bettors would simply make a small bet of $5 and then withdraw their initial deposit and bonus for a large net gain.

To prevent this scenario, offshore sportsbook sites use rollover requirements, and these requirements refer to the amount that must be wagered before a sportsbook member can make a withdrawal without losing his bonus. For instance, if the offshore sportsbook from the example above used a 3x rollover requirement, then the bettor would have to wager his $390 a total of three times. As clarification, he does not have to make three wagers of $390; he simply must make enough wagers to have a net total of $1,170 (390 x 3).

Because sportsbook bettors normally make numerous wagers every week, winning some bets and losing others, it generally does not take very much time to satisfy a rollover requirement.

A 3x rollover requirement is fairly easy to satisfy, and is generally the lowest requirement one will find in the offshore sportsbook industry. However, some sportsbook sites institute especially large rollover requirements, such as of 10x. Because these sportsbook sites make it harder to satisfy the rollover requirement, they are able to offer and advertise especially large bonuses. Nevertheless, a high rollover requirement lessens the actual value of a sportsbook bonus. Some sportsbook bettors unfortunately end up joining a sportsbook because of a massive bonus, and only later learn that the rollover requirement is extremely large. Therefore, it is very important for sportsbook bettors to always completely understand how rollover requirements function and to be aware of a sportsbook’s rollover requirement before making a deposit.

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