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October 12th, 2017 Sportsbook

Sportsbook gamblers always have their favorite teams. In football it is the Dallas Cowboys and perhaps the New England Patriots.

In college football it is Notre Dame, Michigan, USC, Florida State, Miami and others. Other sports have public teams as well and you should know who those teams are as you wager at an online sportsbook.

Sportsbook gamblers in college basketball love Connecticut, Duke, North Carolina and perhaps a couple of other teams.  In the NBA they like the Lakers and Celtics. Baseball has public teams as well and sportsbook players must be aware of these teams even more so than other sports because baseball is a money line sport and there is no pointspread to even out the action. Perhaps the biggest public team in any sport is the New York Yankees. They dwarf all other public teams for the sportsbook player. The Yankees demand instant respect from both the online sportsbook and the public. The Yankees have been very good for decades and are the most successful team in any sport. Another public team, although not to the extent of the Yankees is the Boston Red Sox. They also get instant respect from the online sportsbook and the public. No team in any sport gets the respect that the Yankees get, but Boston is definitely a public team. That is really about it in baseball in terms of public teams.

There are some things you need to know about public teams in baseball in regards to sportsbook gambling. You must be aware that the online sportsbook automatically increases the price on the Yankees and the Red Sox regardless of who is pitching. The sportsbook knows that both of these teams will be bet by the public and they make the line higher because of this one simple fact. If you don’t already know it, large market teams rule baseball. This means that usually you are going to see inflated sportsbook lines on teams like the Red Sox and the Yankees.

What you can do in sportsbook gambling after you identify public teams is take advantage when you see extra line value. I am not saying that you should bet against the Yankees and Red Sox everyday at the sportsbook but there will be opportunities to do so. Both teams are very heavily bet by the public and it might only take one win out of three going against them to break even at the sportsbook. Very often you will get a chance to get some extra value going against these teams in certain situations at the sportsbook.

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