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August 29th, 2017 Sportsbook

Sportsbook parlays and teasers are quite popular in the NFL.

Sportsbook parlays and teasers are quite popular in the NFL.  Let’s take a look at the basics of NFL parlays and teasers at an online sportsbook.

Sportsbook parlays can combine two, three, four or even more games. You have to win all of your picks on the parlay to collect. If one of the games loses, then the entire parlay is a loss at the online sportsbook.  Some sportsbook sites might give you a consolation payoff on some big NFL parlays like 7 of 8 or 9 of 10, but for the most part, if one game loses, the ticket is dead.  If a game is a pointspread tie, postponed, incomplete, cancelled, or rescheduled for another date, your sports betting parlay is taken down to the next lowest level. For example, a three-team NFL betting parlay at the sportsbook with a pointspread tie becomes a two-team parlay, or a two-team parlay with a tie becomes a straight bet.   Some places will consider ties a loss on a parlay but it just depends upon the online sportsbook, so you want to check the rules.

A sportsbook teaser is similar to a parlay, but you get additional points to help your wager in return for a lower payoff.  The sports betting odds change according to the number of points the spread is moved and the number of teams combined to make the sportsbook teaser. For example, The Patriots might be a 7-point favorite in a game against the Dolphins in sportsbook odds.  You could tease the Patriots down to a pick while you could tease the Dolphins up to +14 at the sportsbook.  That would be a 7-point teaser at an online sportsbook.  Ties on the online betting pointspread are usually considered a loss on a teaser, so check the rules before making the wager.

Parlays and teasers are a great way to stay in action on NFL games at the online betting sportsbook.  Instead of having to make multiple wagers you can play a parlay or teaser at a sportsbook and have multiple games to cheer for one just one ticket. And you can even play games on multiple games like Sunday and Monday. And if the games win, your payoffs can be excellent on a parlay or a teaser at the sportsbook.

Take a look at playing parlays and teasers in NFL betting this year as you make your sportsbook wagers.

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