Sportsbook Fans in the lookout for the Vikings at SBG Global

October 11th, 2017 Sportsbook

Sportsbook fans have become accustomed to ineptitude in Minnesota in recent years.

The T-Wolves are among the perennial worst in the league and the Vikings have had very little to cheer about in terms of online sportsbook wins in about a decade.  But despite opening the sportsbook season with a loss it looks as if the Vikes might finally be on track to right the ship.

Sportsbook experts like the way this team is coming together and with plenty of star players on both sides of the ball there’s little reason why this team shouldn’t start compiling a few online sportsbook wins.  After drafting well in the past two years and spending a boatload of money of free-agents in the sportsbook off-season, this franchise is certainly headed in the right direction, according to most sportsbook experts.

When you mention the Vikings to any sportsbook fan the first thing that comes to mind is Adrian Peterson, and with good reason.  He very well may be the most exciting sportsbook player we’ve seen in years and he’s off to a blistering start already in this year’s online sportsbook season.  His goal is to rush for 2,000 yards this NFL sportsbook season and he might just do it.  His offensive line, if it can maintain its health, is fantastic and he’s even getting some help from the passing game, unlike last year’s online sportsbook action.

Young QB Tavaris Jackson has made great strides and has some terrific potential, if he can cut down on the errant throws and become more accurate with his passing.  The receiving corps is young, but with a solid running game and smart plays by Jackson could develop into an upper-tier unit in the sportsbook world.  Free agent acquisition Bernard Berrian has chance to be star in this sportsbook offence.

The defense was among the best in the sportsbook world last year and it could be even better this year with the addition of sack-master Jared Allen.  The secondary job should be much easier with constant pressure on the QB and this defense could be the best in the sportsbook business by season end.

Much of the team’s sportsbook fate will depend on how the NFC North competition shakes out, but this team has just as good of chance at taking the division title as any.  The Packers looked sharp as did the Bears, but over the course of 16 weeks we’ll get to see which team really is the cream of the sportsbook crop and it could very well be the Vikes.

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