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October 3rd, 2017 Sportsbook

Sportsbook fans and bettors old enough to shave can remember back when the University of Miami actually won games.

But over the past four years this program has been on a gradual slide to bottom, culminating with last season’s awful 5-7 record in online sportsbook competition.  But thanks to a new coach, and more importantly new talent, this program looks to be on the rise in the world of college football sportsbook action. Sportsbook odds makers have yet to give much formal recognition to the team but the online sportsbook world is certainly on notice.

After beating the daylights out of a DI-AA Charleston Southern the Canes got beat up on the road at Florida.  After the first two games the team sits at 1-1 with a crucial game at Texas A&M coming up next on the sportsbook schedule.

But that record is about as polarized as you can get college football sportsbook action, with one team a doormat and the other perhaps the best team in online sportsbook competition.

The A&M game should be a true measure of just how good this very young squad is, even if it is on the road in one of the most difficult places to play in NCAA football sportsbook action.  Despite the roster being dominated by freshman and sophomores this squad is already much better than its version last sportsbook season.

The key to the transformation has been the QB spot, where long time incompetents Kyle Wright and Kirby Freeman have finally been jettisoned.  Redshirt freshman Robert Marve looked quite sharp in the loss to the Gators and could be next great QB at the university known for producing standout sportsbook passers.

Also, his backup true Freshman Jacory Harris, showed uncommon poise in his sportsbook start against Charleston Southern.  The defense for the Canes looks as good as it ever has and nearly pulled off the sportsbook upset of the year by stifling Tim Tebow and the Gators running game -in The Swamp, no less, a sportsbook near impossibility.

Despite the score reading 26-3 the sportsbook loss to their in-state rival was much closer than the final online sportsbook line read.  With the score at 9-6 in the fourth the Canes had actually outplayed the Gators by many sportsbook estimates.

But a few penalties and big plays later and the Gators had the sportsbook battle wrapped up, even covering the online sportsbook spread.  But the Canes came out of that sportsbook match up looking very impressive and with a sportsbook win in the Lonestar state, could crack the top 25.

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