Sportsbook Cavs Preview at SBG Global

September 4th, 2017 Sportsbook

Sportsbook betting on the NBA is about to kick it up another notch when the playoffs began and the online sportsbook action gets crazy.

Among all the very interesting match ups that the first round of the sporstbook playoff action presents, one of the more intriguing opening series will be the Cleveland Cavs versus the Washington Wizards. These teams met last year in the sportsbook first round action and neither team has any love lost for one another and online sportsbook fans can’t wait to see what happens.

Sportsbook clients like this match up for many reasons but perhaps the most appealing angle of this game is the head to head battle between two of the games best players. LeBron James and Gilbert Arenas will attempt to lift their respective teams to the next round of the online sportsbook action with a first round win, but it certainly won’t be easy. James’ Cavs enter the sportsbook showdown less than full speed bringing with them a spotty record to finish the regular season sportsbook action. The Wizards are also not playing their best ball as Arenas has just recently come back from missing most of the regular season sportbook action and is attempting to get back into the flow of things.

Both players will likely be rusty and the play could be sloppy as a result according to sportsbook experts. Arenas simply hasn’t played for months and James is nursing a sore back, something that will certainly handicap the Cavs in this online sportsbook match up. But if history is guide, James will come ready to play and the Wizards will likely be watching the second round sportsbook action from home.

Last season James and his Cavs thoroughly embarrassed a Gilbert-less Cavs team in the sportsbook play off action. And this year it’s likely to be much more of the same. Despite a very talented roster and much improved play in the sportsbook action the Wizards simply can’t match up with the talent of James and the Cavs experience.

Online sportsbook fans should expect the Cavs to take this series in five games and advance onto the second round of the sportsbook action.

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