Sportsbook Bets during the NBA Playoffs

August 13th, 2020 Sportsbook

Sportsbook Bets during the NBA Playoffs. For some time now, the sportsbook industry had been around providing great winning opportunities for many sport fans around the world.  SBG Global is perfect for those are constantly looking for the best offshore sportsbook lines.  SBG Global is a huge name among so many and it stands out because of a great reputation and top customer service.  It is and has always been a true industry leader.

At this time of the year, sportsbook bets are targeted towards the NBA Playoffs. There are many strategies that you can carry out when betting on the playoffs.  Keep in mind that the NBA playoffs is what NBA betting is all about.  Anything can happen during the regular season and making it to the playoffs can happen in a matter of just flipping a coin.

Make sure you consider the following theories before you look at the offshore sportsbook betting lines for NBA playoffs:

The Coach Factor:

Phil Jackson walked into the hall of fame not for being the greatest coach the NBA has ever seen but for being able to motivate amazing players such as Scottie Pippen, Horace Grant and BJ Armstrong.  After Michael Jordan left his teammates, they were still able to work together under his guidance and win 55 games.  Just like Phil Jackson there have been great coaches that have accomplished great things such as Gregg Popovich, Erik Spolestra and Gregg Popovich.

Study Series Records:

Anything can happen in basketball.  Even an underdog has won season series.  It is still very important to study the teams’ performance against each other during the regular season. You might get a good idea of how the series during the playoffs will look like.

Do not be fooled by big lines

Sportsbook betting lines might look enticing when they show big differences between the favorite and the underdog.  At times home teams will even be favored by double digits but that does not mean you should jump right into them.

Make sure you enjoy the NBA Playoffs and before placing, any bet make sure you have researched enough to have a much more accurate idea of how the game or specific series might end.   Get the best sportsbook odds at

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