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October 19th, 2017 Sportsbook

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Here are some of the sports betting lines you are likely to see when you make your sports bets and how to understand them.

Football Betting
Money Line
101Dallas Cowboys
102Chicago Bears

The numbers in front of the team names are the game numbers and they are used to refer to the game in online gambling.  The road team (Dallas) is listed first with the total of the game (38) beside their name.  The home team (Chicago) is listed next with the point spread (-3) next to their name.  If you like Chicago in your sports handicapping you would have to win the game by more than three points for your online sports betting wager to be a winner.  If you took Dallas as part of your free sports picks you would have to win the game outright or lose by one or two points for you to win your online sports betting wager.  If Chicago won by exactly three points the game would be a push as a wager and you would get your money back.  You also have the option of betting the total in online sports betting.  The total is the combined points scored by both teams in the game.  You can bet over or under that amount in online sports betting.  With these bets you are risking the traditional 110 for every 100 you want to win or the 11/10 equivalent.  The money line does not involve any points and is a straight up sports betting wager and another betting system to consider.  If Dallas wins, you get 140 for every 100 wagered in your sports handicapping.  If Chicago wins, you would have risked 160 for every 100 you want to win in your sports handicapping wager.

Basketball Betting
Money Line
301Miami Heat  
302Dallas Mavericks  

This is similar to the pro football example with the same options available to you as a sports betting player. 

Baseball Betting
Run Line
901Detroit Tigers  Verlander 9 under 
902Dallas Mavericks Chicago White Sox   Buerhle -120

Baseball lines are different than football and basketball sports betting lines because there is no point spread involved in baseball online gambling.  The pitcher’s name is listed next to the team’s name because starting pitchers are so important in baseball sports handicapping.  The price (-120) means that you risk 120 for every 100 you want to win on Chicago or the 12/10 equivalent.  You get either even money or +110 back, for every 100 risked on Detroit.  The takeback of even or +110 depends upon a 10-cent or 20-cent line, and it varies with different online gambling sportsbooks.  The total (9 under) means that the total amount of runs in the game is expected to be 9.  You can bet over or under this amount in your online gambling as part of your betting system.  If you like the under, you risk $120 for every $100.  If you like the over you risk even money, $100 for $100. The run line is the option on the far right and is where you lay 1.5 runs with Chicago or get 1.5 runs with Detroit.  This is different than the regular sports betting money line because now Chicago must win by at least 2 runs for your wager to win.  Detroit can now either win the game outright or lose the game by one run for the run line wager to be a winner.

Hockey Betting
Run Line
51Dallas Stars   +140 
5.5 under  
52Colorado Avalanche-160 

These numbers are just like baseball sports betting lines with the money lines and the total.

Other sports like golf, NASCAR, tennis, soccer, boxing, etc. are usually listed the same way with money lines as people look at sports betting tips. Soccer betting lines also involve the three-way betting line and you can get the specifics on soccer betting on the soccer page as you look at free sports picks. Consider all of the lines with your sports betting tips and use free sports picks as part of your overall betting system.

What factors go into being a successful online sports betting player? What are the things you need to know and keep in mind as you bet sports? The first place to start with any form of online gambling and that includes sports betting is with discipline. Some people can get away with reckless online gambling but very few. If you continually double up, chase your losses, or play every game on the board you are eventually going to lose at online gambling. You must have discipline to win in the long term at sports betting. Right along with discipline is the second most important thing to remember about online sports betting and that is managing your money. You can have great sports betting tips and pick a lot of winners and still lose. It happens all the time. Those people that get into online sports betting can hit a nice streak and then let it all ride on the next game and all the hard work goes right down the drain. They could pick four out of five winners and still lose money. It happens so often in sports handicapping and with free sports picks. Money management is critical to winning at online sports betting. In addition to money management and discipline you need to have a way to pick the games or a betting system. Call it a working knowledge if you like. It can be broken into any number of areas, but you need a place to start as you consider sports betting tips. You could focus on matchups, power ratings, injuries, etc. It doesn’t matter where your get your knowledge as long as it is good knowledge. Some sports handicapping players focus specifically on trends and that can be another part of your overall sports handicapping or your free sports picks.

Another part of a successful betting system is having the money to bet. It is called a bankroll and is definitely part of the overall picture. If your bankroll is too small you could be in trouble in online gambling. You need enough money to make your sports betting system last throughout the season. You also need a place to bet with that bankroll and that is where a sportsbook comes into play. Online sportsbooks are excellent places to bet sports as they offer a number of conveniences and superb safety. As you look at sportsbooks you definitely want to get great line value out of your free sports picks. Some people have multiple sportsbook accounts so they can get the best possible number on their sports betting tips while others prefer to bet at only one sportsbook. The choice is yours.

In addition to all of these factors you also need to be able to pick the winners of the games. This can be done on your own or you can rely upon someone else to pick winners or you can follow free sports picks. How you select your games is a matter of choice and the options are really endless. It also doesn’t hurt in your sports handicapping to have a little luck on your side. No matter how well you do everything with your sports betting system there are still going to be times when you need some luck. It sometimes can be the biggest factor of all.

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