Smart Money Betting on Colts Over Patriots

July 24th, 2018 Sportsbook

It will be Luck vs. Brady in week 11 and NFL betting odds are sizzling with anticipation on this week’s most exciting and stand out game of the NFL schedule. Both teams are division leaders, both teams are coming from bye weeks. The Colts will be wanting revenge after their loss last season 43-22 in the divisional playoffs last year.

Currently, the line reads -3 (-110) in favor of the Indianapolis Colts, who in their own right are a great team and very likely the biggest threat to the Patriots 5 game-winning streak.

NFL betting odds point to Indianapolis coming out on top. They are talented enough, and they are playing at Indianapolis, which makes them an even bigger threat.

Another thing worth mentioning is that New England is a team with great offensive power, but their defense, while still winning games, are giving up plenty points constantly.

The Colts’ big advantage is they are the home team on this game; New England has not hit the road in over a month, and you could speculate that going to Indianapolis and facing a tough Colts team, will place them well away their comfort zone.

This will be a three point game that will definitely be an easy cover. The Smart money on this one would be to bet the Colts to cover. However, those who are adventurous to put some money on the Patriots, this could very well be a good bet to cash in.

NFL betting odds experts could argue that even though the Colts are favorites, we are talking about the Patriots. A team that is battle tested, and that has one of the best Quarterbacks of all time in their squad. This team can very well, stretch their winning streak for at least one more game. But, we reiterate, the Colts are the smart bet.

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