Raiders Get Huge Upset Over Chiefs to Win First Game

July 26th, 2018 Sportsbook

football cheerleader sitting and leaning back on football fieldNFL football betting fans woke up this morning receiving a cold weather forecast in hell. The reason, last night the Oakland Raiders finally broke their 10 games losing streak and finally won a game of football.

Their victims, The Kansas City Chiefs. The 7-4, right-on-the-heels of Peyton Manning and the Broncos Chiefs, the Playoff contending Chiefs… you get the idea. It was a bit of an upset.

All jokes aside, one thing must be said about the Raiders: as a team they struggle with offense and defense. However many experts, sports writers, and fantasy football enthusiasts know that the Raiders have great players in their roster. Players that perhaps in different scenarios might truly help the team and perform great. It was just a matter of time for them to finally show their true potential.

How can we judge last night’s performance? Is this the true Raiders? Were the Chiefs on a really off night? What we CAN say is that the Raiders players that are expected to perform last night played great.

Oakland’s QB, Derek Carr, is a great prospect and a player that in the coming years could be one of the leagues Superstars. Latavius Murray is an excellent RB, and last night he put up great numbers that had NFL football betting players that laid a bet on the Raiders jumping for joy.

As for the Chiefs, it was a game where they needed their offense to show up to the game and demonstrate their capabilities. Many of us watching last night’s game were expecting for the Chiefs to make this game a more offensive display on their part.

But what really came to a shock for the entire NFL football betting universe was how poorly the Chiefs defense played last night. Until yesterday, they were regarded as one of the leagues best regarded defensive units, and yet the Oakland Raiders man handled them passing and rushing. For the remainder of the season this one loss in Oakland is going to loom over the Chiefs and haunt them, more than the 10 losses the Raiders have on their record.

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