QBs Making Big Impact for NFL Playoffs Betting Fans

Ravens player tackling Bengals playerThere seems to be a pattern growing in NFL playoff betting after the Wild Card weekend, and that is one that could be extended during the Division round. That pattern is the better quarterback is the decisive factor.

In the four games in the Wild Card weekend, the considerably better quarterback was able to bring that little extra step to the game that propelled their teams to the next round. The scenario we have in the Division round is almost something straight out of High-Noon-Quick-and-the-Dead-Outlaw western (insert a Sergio Leone soundtrack here). The best 'gunmen' in the league are now battling to get to the Conference Championship games.

Perhaps the game that is almost a sure lock in is the Ravens versus the Patriots at New England. Sure, Flacco is a real threat to any team when he gets into his Playoff mode, but the Patriots are just the best team in the NFL right now. Bet the Patriots and the Over for this game.

Another game that could be completely one sided is the Panthers visiting Seattle to take on the reigning World Champs Seahawks. The atmosphere, the loud fans, it seems like a tougher challenge than the Ravens have, for example. But, the Panthers have arguably a better team than the Ravens, and Cam Newton is that good. However, as good as the Panthers are the Seahawks are on a mission to revalidate their Championship status. NFL playoffs betting fans should count on the Seahawks.

The other two games are perhaps the toughest and will be the most contested. First the Broncos will host the Colts. Luck versus Manning. It is a great match up for NFL playoffs betting. There is one thing that must be taken into consideration. One HUGE factor that needs to be said. Manning is not playing well and Luck is. The Broncos are the (-7) favorites, but unless the Broncos running game is solid and their defense delivers a great performance, the Colts got this game. We believe they might even win a double-digit margin.

Finally, the final game we have to preview is Cowboys versus Packers at Green Bay. Leaving all the bad refereeing aside, Dallas has earned their way to be here. This game has the undertones that this could be an epic game. It certainly has that feeling in the air. And when it comes down to it, this is the best the Cowboys have looked in a long time. But their hopes depend on how they are able to fend off Aaron Rodgers. If Rodgers is healthy, forget it, game over NFL playoffs betting fans. But if for some reason he is not ready, the Cowboys have a real chance. We pick the Packers to win it in convincing manner.