Protecting Your Sportsbook Winnings at SBG Global

October 10th, 2017 Sportsbook

Sportsbook winnings are not always easy to come by so you must learn to protect them.

Some people claim to know a lot about sportsbook odds, yet they lose money. Why is that? It is because they don’t know how to protect their winnings.

Sportsbook gamblers that win money have learned profit protection. For many, these lessons have been more expensive than a college education and yet to this day the lessons fail to take hold for these sportsbook gamblers. When you make money early in the day at the sportsbook you must guarantee yourself a profit and sock away at least half of it, if not more. The bottom line is that every day you take part in wagering against the sportsbook odds you should protect your profits. For example, on a college football Saturday you start your sportsbook wagering with a $400 win. You should sock $200 away and then use the other $200 for action on the rest of the day at the sportsbook. Just because you won that first big bet does not mean that it is going to be “your day” at the sportsbook. In fact, it very well could end up being a “setup” in which you lose self control and blow back what you originally won, plus additional money besides that. While it is unforgivable to chase losses it is even worse to “chase wins” and yet that is what so many gamblers do with their sportsbook betting.

Managing your money at the sportsbook is one of the most important things you will ever do in sports betting. If you want to win money versus the sportsbook odds you must first learn how to manage it.

When you wake up to start your sportsbook betting day, you will think about how nice it will be to end up with more money in your bankroll come day’s end. So make sure to do all that you can to make that vision a reality and protect what is yours. This involves using smart money management and discipline as you wager against the sportsbook odds. No one ever said that winning money at a sportsbook was easy, so when it happens you must protect it.

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