Popular Betting Choices at the Sports Book

September 5th, 2017 Sportsbook

Sports book choices are plentiful on all of the different sports.

There are some great ways to bet on sports that are popular. Side betting is the most popular way to bet at the sportsbook but that is not the only option.

Sports book side wagering is where gamblers pick one team or another in a sporting event. In football and basketball, side betting is done with a pointspread at the sportsbook in which gamblers lay points with the favorite or take points with the underdog. This is the most popular way to bet at the sports book.

The money line is the most common way to bet on baseball and hockey at the sportsbook. Instead of a pointspread, gamblers will lay odds with the favorite or take odds with the underdog. You can also get money lines on most football and basketball games in addition to the pointspread option on those two sports.

Over/under wagering, also known as totals wagering, is another great way to bet on sporting events at the online sportsbook. Over/under wagering is when sportsbook gamblers are betting on the points, runs or goals scored in a game.

Half wagering is another great option to consider at the sports book. This is where you can bet on just one half of a game, (either the first or second), and not have to worry about the other half of the game. You can get sides, totals, and often money lines with half wagering at the sports book. You can also get half odds on basketball games at the sports book.

Parlays are yet another way to bet on sporting events at the online sportsbook. A parlay is a group of plays that are combined into a single bet in which all of the plays must win for the bet to be a winner at the sports book. For example if you have a five-team parlay and you win four of the five games, you still lose the parlay at the sports book because of the one loss. The attraction of a parlay is the big odds that are available at the sports book. Teasers are similar to parlays except that the lines are enhanced, usually by six points in football and four points in basketball at the sports book. That means that a football team that is a -6 favorite on the regular online sports betting line would be a pick’em on a teaser card. The trade off for the enhanced lines is that the payoff scale is lower than parlays at the sports book.

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