Online Sportsbooks: Patriots vs. Jets

August 11th, 2020 Sportsbook

Online Sportsbooks: Patriots vs. Jets Handicapping Analysis. The New York Jets continued their win one/lose one pattern and fell to the Pittsburgh Steelers this past Sunday, even though they were online sportsbooks favorites, had the home advantage and were facing the then winless Steelers. Not to worry though; they still have a chance to break that trend this next Sunday, 20th when they host the 5-1 New England Patriots, whom the current -4 point spread favors.

During their long rivalry, the Patriots and the Jets have shared players, head coaches, and more recently both have signed quarterback Tim Tebow for a short period of time only to release him later. Where New England distances itself from New York is in the fact that they have dominated the feud in the 2010’s, with a 6-2 record.

In fact, the Pats’ latest win over the Jets came about a month ago, when New England beat New York 13-10. That was the first of the Jets’ three losses this season. As for week 6, it’s bad enough that the Jets lost a game that was all but won before it even started. Added to the frustration of blowing such a great opportunity to improve their record, is the fact that the Patriots’ morale must be surging right now.

New England was on its way to their second consecutive defeat, while the New Orleans Saints had a 90% chance of winning according to online sportsbooks. As the fourth quarter drew to a close and the fans were abandoning Gillette Stadium in droves, Tom Brady pulled a… well, he pulled a Tom Brady.

Brady hit a 17-yard pass to rookie Kembrell Tompkins for a dramatic, winning touchdown. In the meantime Jets QB Geno Smith threw two interceptions in New York’s disappointing loss to the Steelers. Brady hadn’t been playing a great game himself versus the Saints, but that stroke of genius he pulled out of nowhere to steal a victory may very well be the difference between what Brady is now and what Smith can aspire to be one day. Finally, as online sportsbooks bettors know, the Saints were undefeated before Sunday, while the Jets are 3-3. In theory, New York shouldn’t give the Pats as much trouble as New Orleans.

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