Online Sportsbook – Winning with the Rays and Under

October 23rd, 2020 Sportsbook

Online Sportsbook – Winning with the Rays and Under. If you are looking for a good team to take vs. the odds at the online sportsbook then consider the Tampa Bay Rays.The Rays went into Tuesday night’s action with a record of 20-14. Tampa Bay was also the best team to bet under the total at the sportsbook.

5th Ranked Pitching Staff
The Rays have the fifth best pitching staff in the league with an ERA of 3.23. They are also playing excellent defense as they are fourth in the league. When a team can pitch and play defense they don’t give up a lot of runs and that means they have a chance to win and it means their games go under the total.  Four of the last six Tampa games have gone under the total.

Rays 11th on Offense
Tampa Bay is scoring 4.32 runs per game but in some ways it is hard to see how.  The Rays are just 16th in the league in batting average and they are dead last in the league in home runs. They do steal a lot of bases though as they are fourth in the league.  Tampa Bay is very well managed and they find a way to score enough runs to be competitive.

Way Under at Home
The Rays have gone under the total at the online sportsbook in 15 of their 19 home games this season. That is an incredible number, especially since Tampa is just 9-10 overall at home. The Rays have been a far better team on the road with a Major League leading road mark of 11-4.

In five of the last seven wins for Tampa Bay you could have parlayed Tampa Bay and under the total at the sportsbook and collected.  There was only one loss in those seven games as the other game was a push.  The Rays are in Cleveland for three games this week and you can definitely make a case for a Tampa and under parlay at Sbg  The Rays then come home this weekend for a series against Baltimore. Tampa Bay has not been as good going under the total on the road but it does make some sense against a Cleveland team that has started strongly this season, especially with their pitching.


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