Online Sportsbook Ups & Downs at SBG Global

September 7th, 2017 Sportsbook

Online sportsbook betting has a lot of ups and downs. You will go on big winning streaks and unfortunately some losing streaks.

One of the most important things that a gambler can do at a sportsbook is to avoid being reactive from either a positive or negative aspect. This applies both to your own betting at the online sportsbook and to how a team plays.

Online sportsbook betting is all about perception.  In regards to teams you will see some teams come too far too fast in a season, while other teams will fall too far too fast. In other words, many teams are not as good as they might look while others are not as bad as they look. The same thing applies to your online sportsbook wagering.  Sometimes during a winning streak you are not as good as you appear or as bad as you appear during a losing streak.

Let’s look at a couple of examples to illustrate this point.  Let’s say that you get on a nice run in football betting at the online sportsbook and win five straight games.  You were lucky in a few games but you believe you are rolling with your handicapping and up your wagers at the online sportsbook.  The reality is that you were lucky and things start to even out and you lose money with your next online sportsbook wagers.  You were really not as good as you appeared during that winning streak at the sportsbook.  Conversely, you may be handicapping everything correctly during a losing streak and just suffering bad beats.  You must remember that perception is a huge key to online sportsbook gambling.  You are rarely as good as you look when winning or as bad when losing.

This principle applies to teams as well.  How often do online sportsbook gamblers get off a team after a bad performance?  It happens all the time.  On the other side of the coin how often do sportsbook gamblers fall in love with a team after a great performance?  This happens even more in online sportsbook betting.  Remember as you bet at the sportsbook that teams will go up and down just as your gambling goes up and down.  Don’t overreact to winning or losing streaks when you are wagering at the online sportsbook and you will have a better chance at winning money this year.

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